Road test of 2009 Acura TL

At the famous German Nyurburgring route passes road test prototype of a model Acura 2009 model year. Photographers who managed to make older machines disguised images differ in opinion on this one, this Acura TL, TSX others. In any case, the picture is well marked recent trend of Japanese designer brands, which are reflected in the design of the new items: in particular, potato, hard inside head lamps and four exhaust pipes of rectangular cross sections, gathered in clusters of two.

Because under camouflage also showed that the optics on the back of a strip LED elements. Radiator grille prototype "drawn" from the latest version of Acura MDX.

Official information on the technical data 2009 Acura TL is not, however, rumoured, V6 sports sedan will be increased volume, dvuhdiskovuyu DSG transmission and full drive. Presentation of new items are expected in mid-2008.

2009 Acura TSX

2009 Acura TL

Road test of 2009 Acura TL

2009 Acura TSX

Honda and Toyota have recognized the most economical cars

Honda were among the most economical of all brands represented on the American market. The data contained in the ranking, published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States. Counting was conducted by averaging fuel each of the new models of cars sold in the United States, and amounted to 10.27 Honda l/100 km. It is thanks to a new, more close to actual conditions methodology for calculating fuel from the Honda increased by 6% compared with model number 2006.

The second took place in the ranking Toyota with a minimum lag-10.32 l/100 km. But analysts EPA noted that the benefits received by Toyota hybrid Prius, which is the most economical car in the United States series (5.09 l/100 km). Third divided the South Korean Kia and Hyundai with a rate of 10.36 l/100 km. Djibouti is ranked Chrysler. A large number of "prozhorlivyh" sport and utility in its model number of companies showed only 12.85 l/100 km.

Honda began to build a new plant in Japan

Honda Motor has begun construction of a new plant in the country. Future production site was chosen in Saitama Prefecture, in a small town called Yori. The plant, which opened in 2010, is designed to produce 200,000 cars in a year. This special attention, as stated in a press release Honda, will be given to economic and environmental safety of work processes: for example, on the roofs of all the plants will be divided gardens.

In two kilometres from the site on the campus Ogawa, it is the construction of the engine plant, which will supply engines for the future of the business. That factory opened in 2009 - meters What is the model will produce new works in Honda have not.

2009 Honda Fit - official photo

In the Inet first set of official fully photos renovated compact Honda Fit 2009 model year, which will debut less than a month at Tokyo in Japan. New became much dbconnect predecessor and has panoramic glass, sun far into the roof.

In Japan, sales 5 door starts this winter. In the United States, Honda Fit 2009 will be next summer, a top European sales model, known in the Old World, called Jazz, have not yet been determined.

Fans Honda S2000 set the world's largest gathering

At the headquarters of the North American Honda, located in the city Torrans, California, was the world's largest gathering fans model Honda S2000. At holiday travel over 500 rodsters issued in different years, and more than 1000 guests. The participants took specially made fly from Japan on the occasion, chief designer Shigeru Uehara S2000. He not only spoke about the development of the current generation of the popular car in the United States, but fans and introduced a new version of Honda S2000 CR (Club racer), which sold in America will begin in two weeks.

Honda S2000 roadster is a removable soft top, rear drive and front located 2.2-litre petrol engine is available 237 litres. With. The basic version with mechanical gearbox offered in the United States at a cost of 34,250 dollars.