2013 Honda Beat - cheap sportcar

It became known that in the depths of the Japanese company is developing a compact roadster Honda Beat the new generation. Under this name in the 90s produced an extremely tiny machine of less than 3.3 m, equipped with engine capacity of 0.6 liters. In Japan, these machines belong to a special class of "key-kari", which apply lower tax rates and discounts on insurance. However, the novelty will be a more serious sports car.

The roadster will create a platform for hybrid hatchback Honda CR-Z (pictured below). Capacity of the power unit will be relatively good for a small sports car - 170 hp But the most attractive feature of the new items should be its price. It is expected that Europe will ask for it from 14 000 euro. Note that the initial price of the roadster Mazda MX-5 in the West now stands at around 20 000 euros. Honda Beat premiere to be held in 2013.

First official photo of the 2012 Honda CR-V Concept

About a month ago, Honda launched a strong marketing campaign for the revival in consumer interest in CR-V, indicating that the new CR-V will be very soon.

In continuation of this theme Honda has finally revealed the first official image of the concept CR-V, which may hint at what the result will be similar to the serial model, which was released to be held later this year.

Also says that the 2.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine to get a little extra power, while the 2.2-liter i-DTEC diesel will reach 165 hp

Unfortunately, the details of the project were not disclosed, but added that there will be front and four-wheel drive. "The new design, new features and capabilities of Honda CR-V 2012 will set new standards for the class" - said in a release. "Honda CR-V best selling SUV in the past five years and we are confident that sales will only grow."

It is not excluded that the serial Honda CR-V 2012 will appear in September this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Scoop: Next gen 2012 Honda CR-V

The Japanese manufacturer Honda, completing the test program "mule", next generation of crossover 2012 CR-V, has begun to test a prototype model of pre, which was discovered by the paparazzi in Death Valley.

Studying the recent "spy" photos of the new generation Honda CR-V, it can be concluded that the vehicle has grown in all dimensions and has a more flowing body lines than its predecessor. According to MotorAuthority, future best-selling Honda, like its main competitor, Toyota RAV4, will get a third row of seats, which allow the car to compete with even minivans.

The range of engines will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of future owners of CR-V. Potential buyers will have the opportunity to choose between the new 4-cylinder gasoline engine capacity of around 180-220 hp, turbo-diesel unit and the current atmospheric petrol unit volume of 2.4 liters, which will become more powerful and more economical. It is assumed that after the upgrade installation will develop up to 200 hp and consumed in the urban cycle less than 11 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

The first show of the new generation Honda CR-V will be held in November at an international exhibition in Los Angeles. The choice made in favor of North American motor show, is not accidental. In the United States, CR-V is a best-selling SUV and the compact mid-size "SUV."

2012 Honda CB1100 Type I ABS Special Edition only 500 copies

Honda has plans to start selling a special edition sports bike CB1100 Type I ABS Special Edition. Receiving orders for the new bike will be from July 12 for a limited time (until August 10).

The body and sides of the new items are blue. The engine and the wheels are made of silver. In addition, the bike has an exclusive poster, made in a new color.
Some features of a sports bike Honda CB1100 Type I ABS Special Edition:

- Dimensions: 2.205 m × 0.835 m × 1.130 m
- Wheelbase: 1.490 m
- Ground clearance: 0.125 m
- Seat height: 0,765 m
- Number of seats: 2
- Minimum turning radius: 2.7 m
- Engine: SC65E, air-cooled, four-cylinder, four stroke, DOHC
- Working volume: 1,140 cm3
- Bore x stroke: 73.5 × 67.2 mm
- Compression: 9.5
- Maximum power: 65 kW / 7,500 rev. min.
- Maximum torque: 92 Nm / 5,000 rev. min.
- Weight: 247 kg
- Fuel tank capacity: 14 liters
- Fuel consumption: 27.0 km / liter

Circulation bike special edition CB1100 Type I ABS Special Edition will be only 500 copies. New products will be priced at 1.092 million yen or 10,282 U.S. dollars (including tax).

Next Gen 2012 Honda Civic testing in London

While many manufacturers do their testing of new cars on the track of Nurburgring, the Japanese concern has sent the European version of Honda Civic hatchback the next generation of run-in one of the capitals of the Old World.

Honda Civic Hatchback generation "next" was seen today at Piccadilly Circus, one of the major transport interchanges, located in central London. Before his visit to the capital of the United Kingdom has replaced the old prototype plastic protective apron on the fabric, "camouflage", which hides the lights of a new form, modernized grille and a modified bumper. The back of the hatchback body in the picture is not visible, but is believed by experts to "feed" disappeared spoiler hampers visibility, and there was "caretaker" for the rear window.

"European" Civic, projecting that was fought in the German Research Centre for Honda, is built on the old front-drive platform. In power-line model will include engines, engine components range current generation Civic, which will undergo a small upgrade. Normally Japanese car will be equipped with fuel-efficient technology, Stop & Start.

Recall that the North American version of the Honda Civic, shown at the end of winter, is available for order with two petrol units with capacity of 140 and 203 hp and the 110-strong hybrid power plant, which brings together gasoline and electric motors.

The world premiere of the European version of Honda Civic will be one of the months remaining until the end of the year, sales of the model will start in 2012 at a price of around £16,000.

2014 Honda HR-V successor - first photo and info

Honda intends to develop a new compact city "rogue", which aims to fill a gap in the product line of Japanese concern, which emerged after withdrawing from the production car HR-V.

Succeeded crossover HR-V, from the issue of which the Honda was abandoned in 2006 because of falling sales, according to their size will be comparable with the models and the Nissan Qashqai Mitsubishi ASX. According to unofficial data, its overall length is 4 350 mm, width - 1745 mm Height - 1640 mm. A distinctive feature of the car will be an organic combination of terrain and roominess crossover with comfort and handling sedan. Range of engines will make 2.0-liter gasoline and two diesel engine of 1.5 and 2.2 liters, says Mag-X.

It is assumed that the world premiere of the new "SUV" will take place in three years. In the new model line group takes place on a step below the crossover CR-V, which this fall, motorists will face a new form. In a power line CR-V will include the next generation 4-cylinder gasoline engine capacity of about 180-220 hp and a new turbo unit, which replaces the previous 2.2-liter diesel engine. Engines, machines can be aggregated with either manual transmission or five-speed automatic transmission.

Honda patented design of the new gen 2012 Civic European

Honda is registered in the European Patent Office design a new generation 2012 Civic model.

It is expected that sales in Europe the car will appear at the end of this year. In addition to the traditional gasoline version, Honda Civic of the new generation will be available in the sports version of Si, with the hybrid IMA new generation, as well as with the engine on natural gas.

Civic New also have at its disposal a system of Honda Eco Assist, already known for models of Insight and the CR-Z. To achieve even greater efficiency the system can automatically turn off the engine when the car is stopped, smooth acceleration when you press the gas pedal, and much more.

Honda will present NSF250 motorcycle for Moto3 in Catalonia

At the next Grand Prix series of MotoGP, which will be played in Spanish Catalonia, June 5, the Honda brand will officially present the final version of his tale for a new junior class championship - Moto3.

Machine called NSF250R be expected to personally presented the ex-world champion Alex Criville.

It's four, lightweight, high performance and compact device that inherits the most important elements of the model RS125R.

No other details have not yet announced. The presentation will take place on June 2.

Recall, a new class Moto3 (250cc) is replacing the old junior 125-bottoms class MotoGP series since 2012.

New 2013 Honda CR-V - firs tinfo and photo

A new generation of Honda CR-V will be presented next year - according to several U.S. media, it could happen in January at the Detroit Motor Show. Although it is likely, in Detroit, will be shown the concept of a new CR-V, and the production model will have to wait until spring.

It is worth recalling that the current CR-V was shown in 2006 (the 2010 model has undergone a small upgrade). Now under the hood crossover put petrol engines volume of 2.0 liters or 2.4 liters and 2.2-liter diesel engine. New generation will always keep these power units, though they will be seriously reworked. Must grow not only power but also reduced fuel consumption. And will a hybrid version - without it now, nowhere.

Acura TSX Sport at 2011 New York Auto Show

Body wagon has long been an alternative to a compact SUV, at the motor show in New York presented Acura TSX Sport, which is not only more economical, but also has the capacity comparable with most compact SUVs.

Under the hood, Acura TSX Sport is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine capacity 201 hp at 7,000 rpm and 230 lb.-ft. of torque, connected to a five-speed automatic transmission, resulting in an average fuel consumption stands at 7.84 liters 100 km.

The list of standard equipment has leather upholstery, premium audio system with seven speakers with USB, iintegratsiey iPod and Bluetooth. Additionally, you can install the navigator, rear view camera, automatic climate control, and automatic tailgate.

Besides Acura TSX sports sedan has a unique rigid body structure and a good technical characteristics, which all fans will appreciate the dynamic and sporty driving style.

Honda CR-Z Hybrid R concept at 2011 New York Auto Show

Honda has released some of the most powerful, affordable cars in the world, including the Civic Type R and NSX. But now the company's engineers have created the most powerful hybrid version in a Honda CR-Z Hybrid R, if still shown as a concept at the auto show in New York.

"Sport coupe hybrid CR-Z will offer customers not quite typical for a hybrid power, are more expected from sports car" - said in a release from Honda. "Excellent combination of green practicality, style and technical characteristics make it desirable for the majority of young clients.

As part of Honda CR-Z Hybrid R has the same turbocharged engine to 200 horsepower, complete with new suspension, huge wheels and a major spoiler.

Pre-production version of the 2012 Honda New Mid

Concept scooter Honda New Mid likely in the near future can go into the category of production models, as evidenced by several pictures, which the company used Honda in trademark registration.

Special differences between the concept and the new black and white pictures I have not noticed, besides the lack of glamorous colors and geometry can be fit. Technical aspects in general are not known. Even in that year stated that the scooter has a gearbox with two clutches, as VFR1200F. And presumably the engine will be from 600 to 750 cm3, which is undoubtedly lovers maxi scooters.
In general, it remains to wait for more official announcement from Honda.

New gen 2013 Honda Civic hatchback - spy shots

The British magazine Auto Express has published spy shots of the new gen 2013 Honda Civic hatchback, designed for the European market, and passing the test. In February this year the company introduced the new Honda sedan and coupe, Civic to North America. However, representatives of the British branch of manufacturer announced the publication Auto Express, that as before, all changes in the design of these cars still are relevant only to the machines for the U.S., and the model for the European market will look different. Judging from the spy photos five-door hatchback Civic, the overall style of the car will remain the same, but the design of headlamps, grille and bumpers still change. In addition, the change hood of the car, which will clearly expressed longitudinal shtamp, which is not on the current generation Civic. It is expected that in the new Europe will be offered with four-cylinder petrol engines volume of 1,4 and 1,8 liter and 2.2 liter turbodiesel in volume, developed from 80 to 140 horsepower. In addition, a variety of modifications will be a hybrid version with the power plant, which combines the 1.5-liter gasoline engine, electric motor and CVT. It is likely that such a machine will be used lithium-ion batteries, which was first among all models of Honda appeared on the new American Civic. New gen Honda Civic will appear in the spring of 2012. Prices for the car in the UK will start from approximately 16,000 pounds.

New 2012 Honda Brio is ready for serial production

Honda has released a minor release, dedicated subcompact Brio, submitted last year as the concept. Dimensions Honda Brio amounted to 3 610 mm in length, 1,680 mm in width, making it a 290 mm shorter than the Jazz.

Brio will use a 1.2-litrvoy i-VTEC all from the same Jazz, capable of 90 horsepower, with an average fuel consumption at 5.0 liters. 100 km and according to Euro-4. The engine can be connected to a five-speed gearbox or transmission CVT.

New Honda Brio get front airbags, disc brakes, ABS and EBD. The cost of the new version will be about 9,400 euros (13,180 dollars).

Honda Accord Hybrid will hit the market in 2012

In the foreign media rumors that the hybrid version of Honda Accord will hit the market next year.

It is expected that the Honda Accord Hybrid will be equipped with the power plant, consisting of 2-liter gasoline engine, electric motor and a set of lithium-ion batteries

Hybrid car looks almost nothing will be different from its gasoline counterpart, but will receive a new instrument panel and the original nameplates on the back.

The first complete official information on the Honda Accord Hybrid should appear in a couple of months.

New 2011 Honda patents

Honda has received new patents, which shows a motorcycle with an unusual design for the Japanese. Patents themselves, if not to look at the pictures relate to design the front and rear lights. But all this is set to a very strange "creation", which is Honda, perhaps, plan to produce in the future.
On schemes bike stripped can be seen all the structural elements, frame and tank, and the body itself is not. The most interesting thing - the engine and its location. Single-cylinder engine is almost horizontal, as maxi scooter.

The second patent shows a similar bike, although with some differences in the design of the frame. In fact, both bikes have a fuel tank under the saddle, only here in the first place the usual location of the fuel tank is trunk, and the second is not there at all, which makes the bike more like a scooter.