2007 Acura RL received the highest mark

IIHS has tested the security of a side collision six premium cars. Among them was sedan Acura RL 2007 model year, which received the highest evaluation.
According to IIHS testing methodology car runs as follows: in the side fixed sedan goes simulated SUV design, the speed of which is 50 kilometers per hour.
Passive Acura RL security system that includes side airbags and podushki-shtorki, fully capable of protecting passengers from the effects of a car accident along with the testing conducted. Therefore, the car earned the best rating.

Acura's future plans

Featuring shows Advanced Sedan Concept company Acura. Perhaps, and will look brand cars in the year 2020.
Love and win wider recognition layer of the world's population with an average income, the Japanese car manufacturers are going to establish its dominance in the sector, and premium cars.
The new director of the North American office of Honda John Mendel, in an interview with a representative AutoObserver.com described how Acura blocks and the highest level brands that offer luxury car. According to him, no abrupt changes should not be expected. In 2008, will be available several revised vehicles, the design of which will not be changed much, but will use the most modern technology.
Next year, be sure to be presented to the new generation of Acura RDX and upgraded Acura MDX. Other models did not John Mendel, but is widely known that the new Acura TL, Acura TSX and the Acura NSX is also on its way.
To demonstrate the difference Acura brand to brand Honda, for premium cars, new power plants. For example, Acura RDX receive engine turbo. In addition, rumors going around about a new engine V10 and environmentally safe diesel.
Last year, Acura brand turned 20 years - the first of the Honda company of Japanese automobile manufacturer has created a separate brand for premium cars. The coming transformation Acura will open a new chapter in its short history.

Honda FCX Clarity - serial hydrogen vehicle

Honda Company has submitted to the Los Angeles version of a serial car, working on hydrogen fuel, which has become a Honda FCX Clarity.
For the first time Honda FCX Concept car was shown at the 2005 Tokyo, the most recent regular version of the machine exhibited in Tokyo again.
The serial version Honda FCX given the name Clarity, buyers in the United States will be offered a lease for $ 600 per month. At one hydrogen fuel tank car can travel 435 km

Forbes choose 10 best cars for the megapolis

Criteria for nominations were: price, design, fuel, universality and luxury.

The compact Honda Fit (Honda Jazz) won in the category "price", "design" - Nissan Altima. "fuel" - Toyota Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid, "luxury" - Lexus LS460L.
In addition to Japanese cars among the winners appear Smart For Two, Mini Cooper, BMW 335i Convertible, Mercedes GL 320 CDI and GMC Acadia.

Smart For Two

Nissan Altima

Mini Cooper

Toyota Prius

Honda Civic Hybrid

Lexus LS460L

BMW 335i Convertible

Mercedes GL 320 CDI

GMC Acadia

Honda Accord Coupe HF-S and HFP at Tuning Show in Las Vegas

Honda Company has introduce 17 cars at SEMA tuning show this year, but focused on two variations of one model-Honda Accord Coupe.
First, Honda Accord Coupe HFP, will be sold in the United States. It is a normal Honda Accord Coupe with additional accessories from Honda Factory Performance.
But the second Honda much fun. Honda Accord Coupe HF-S contcept car is a high-tech, which focus on electronic settings suspension, traction and regulatory sensitivity to the engine throttle valve opening. The driver can reconfigure your car when changing road conditions. Aerodynamics concept also has been improved.

Honda Accord Coupe HFP

Honda Accord Coupe HF-S

Honda at 2007 Tokyo Motor Show

Honda F1

2008 Honda FCX

2008 Honda CR-Z

Honda Civic Hybrid

2009 Honda Fit

2008 Honda Fit

Honda Inspire Proto

Honda Puyo
2008 Honda Accord diesel