Acura official introduced ZDX - competitor BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne

Acura official introduced the sporty crossover, called ZDX. This new body is an unusual design with a sloping roof in the style of cars with body "coupe", and its competitors will be BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne.

New model Acura is equipped with a 3.7-liter gasoline engine V6 power of 300 horsepower and six "automatic". In addition, a sports crossover system was full of drive SH-AWD (used on a large Sedan Honda Legend).The new crossover will be equipped with a navigation system with voice control system, "circular" survey (for parking) to the feature tracking "dead zones" as well as adaptive cruise control.

Prices for the novelty and the timing of its appearance in the sale have not yet been reported.

2010 Honda Pan European 1200 - new bike with V4 engine

Honda at the moment is developing a completely new bike with an V4 engine, which will be used also in the previously announced VFR1200 model. The new bike would be called Honda Pan European 1200 which will be on sale by next year.

In Pan European 1200 and VFR1200 will be common chassis, cardan transmission, one-sided rear pendulum lock system ABS, control system friction, as well as some suspension components. At the 2010 Pan European 1200 will be a semi-speed gearbox with the option of manual transmissions as well as a full automatic.

Information about VFR1200 and Pan European 1200 models has not yet been confirmed officially by Honda.

2011 Honda Jazz and CR-Z Hybrids

Honda officially announced that will introduce hybrid versions of models Jazz and CR-Z by the end of next year. The new president of the corporation Takanobu Ito upheld the decision to abandon the production of NSX and S2000 in favor of hybrid models.

The first Honda CR-Z hybrid was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007. This car is equipped with a 140-strong engine volume 1.8 liters. In addition, the model is the unit volume of 2.5 liters. According to official figures, the machine will be on sale in February 2010.

2010 Honda VFR 1200

The Honda V4 Concept will be issued under the name VFR 1200 by next year. In the motorcycle will be used such technologies as a system of selective disconnection of cylinders, electronic control suspension, electronic control flow of gas and the brake system, C-ABS, and airbag. Honda VFR 1200 engine will give about 150 hp, but the bike will be an alternative to sport-turing Kawasaki 1400GTR.