Honda Insight - second place of the safest cars in 2009 by EuroNCAP

EuroNCAP organization allocate 5 safest cars tested in the past year.

Specialists EuroNCAP summed up last year. Based on the results of crash tests, they were top-5 of the safest cars in 2009. First place went to VW Golf VI.

Second and third stage occupy Honda Insight and Toyota Prius hybrids, respectively. Certainly, such a result will please Honda, which can celebrate a small victory over his main rival in the market hybrids.

The fourth line went to Hyundai i20. Closes the top-5 together 3 cars - Toyota Avensis Volvo XC60 and the Opel / Vauxhall Astra. The results of these cars were the same.

Acura preparing a hybrid version of the TSX sedan in 2011

Sources say that the brand is preparing the first "green" car - a hybrid version of the Acura TSX. According to unofficial data, sales will be hybrid in 2011. Following automaker must submit two more "green" car.

Note that Honda has already developed a hybrid installation for large vehicles. According to a top manager of North American representation of Japanese corporations, hybrids are necessary Acura in the first place in order to successfully compete with other producers of premium segment.

American Honda took first place on indicators of car efficiency

In the 25th time in 34 years of EPAgency (the Agency for Environmental Protection) announced American Honda the leader in fuel economy. During the 2008 model year, the most recent year for which complete data are available, Honda and Acura brands together have the highest fuel economy across the fleet - 7.81 liters per 100 km (30.1 mi / gal).

EPA publishes the data for "marketing group" of leading automakers, but not on individual brands of cars. Since the EPA in 1975 began to vote automakers on fuel economy, Honda each year was in the uppermost ranks, or led the list.

Honda is constantly working on the development and promotion of environmental technologies worldwide. The most recent example of this was the debut in Detroit, the American version of the serial hybrid Honda CR-Z, which will be presented in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. Car Honda CR-Z has a high-speed capabilities, sporting dynamics and handling of all at 5 L/100 km, and low levels of CO2 elections and demonstrates the vision of Honda's eco-car that can satisfy consumer demand.

Honda Gathers Advance 4 - new generation of car navigation and multimedia

Honda demonstrate a new generation of car navigation and multimedia system - Honda Gathers Advance 4 that caused a stir among the visitors of the Tokyo Motor Show. Dashboard of GA4, in contrast to a similar system Kia Motors UVO, based on a combination of voice control and recognition of gestures.

While not aware of any detailed technical data and characteristics of the system Gathers Advance 4. However, a number of published photographs showed camcorder aimed at the driver, the data from which are used to detect gestures, and miniature microphones, located directly on the steering wheel, through which the voice control.

Using voice control and management through gestures alone is nothing supernatural, but the idea of Honda engineers to combine these two types of management within one system is truly innovative. As a result of this combination of a driver alone will be able to choose the most convenient form of administration and use all the advantages, features and functionality of each type of management.

Honda Gathers Advance 4 system has already begun completed with a company car, designed for the domestic market in Japan.

Acura will produce hybrid cars

During a press conference at the Detroit Auto Show, chapter of the Japanese automobile company Honda Takanobu Ito said that the range of premium Acura brand will soon be reinforced with hybrid cars. According to him, last year, taking into account market demands and the trend to reduce emissions of CO2, the Honda Company has decided to produce environmentally friendly vehicles under the brand Acura. According Takanobu Ito, it will promote the brand on Marovo market.

And although, according to the head of Honda, are the most economical cars on fuel cells, in the near future Acura will produce cars equipped with an apparatus consisting of gasoline engines and electric motors.

Americans prefer Toyota and Honda in 2009

Japanese automakers have been on top of the annual ranking of consumers' loyalty, of the American company Polk & Co. He has already drawn 14 times and this year his results have not yielded a great sensation.

The survey revealed that 58.6% of owners of cars Toyota, Lexus and Scion when buying a new car again choose the same brand. Second place in the overall rankings belongs to Honda Motor: the level of customer loyalty is 54,86%.

Honda official presented serial version of CR-Z coupe

Honda introduced the international motor show in Detroit, serial version of the hybrid coupe CR-Z. Sales in the U.S. model will have this summer. Double car is equipped with four cylinder engine i-VTEC volume of 1.5 liter capacity 122 hp associated with a six-speed manual transmission or variator. The torque motor is 174 Nm. Petrol units combined with an electric power of 11 kW. Dynamic characteristics of the machine are not announced. Fuel consumption for Honda CR-Z is 7,6 l/100 km and 6.4 km/100 km for mechanical transmission and 6.5 l/100 km and 6.2 l/100 km for the variator.

Coupe is equipped with a regenerative braking system and the system start-stop. Hybrid is equipped with sports suspension McPherson, brake force distribution system, ABS, and 16 - or 17-inch wheel disks of light alloys. In basic equipment includes vehicles with climate control, audio system with six speakers and USB-port, cruise control, power windows and door locks. The top provides for modification of fog, "advanced" stereo, Bluetooth, and sheathed in leather steering wheel. Additionally, you can temper the navigation. According to preliminary data, the estimated cost of Honda CR-Z will be 20-23 thousand dollars, then there will be equal to the price of another hybrid - Honda Insight.