Futuristic Acura NSX - designer Leon Paz

Honda, stopped for financial reasons, the development Acura NSX supercar, engine V10, received an unexpected offer from the novice designer, conceived to create an analogue NSX, which will cost less curent model.

Designer of the South American Leon Paz, introduced its futuristic kind of Acura NSX, the body which is made mostly of plastic and glass. Under a glass hood, smooth peretekayuschim in the roof, it set the gasoline engine V6, which will be visible not only to other motorists and passers-by, but the driver.

The salon, arranged in perfect harmony with exterior car can accommodate three people. It is anticipated that the Acura NSX with a landing formula 2 +1, in the back will sit only one passenger.

Serial production of 2010 Acura NSX stoped

Honda closed the project of serial production Acura NSX sportcar because of the economic crisis. The company decided to save money.
As previously reported, the updated NSX with a V10 engine was presented at the Auto Show in Detroit earlier this year. However, no clear decisions on the launch models in the series was not accepted.

2010 Acura RDX Crossover

2010 Acura RDXThe first spy shots of an 2010 Acura RDX crossover, the ongoing road tests in the USA.

New RDX receive new brand features the latest models of brand - new bars cooler, slightly modified front bumper, and new front fog lamps.

Debut of new 2010 Acura RDX will be held at the autoshow in New York next March, after which will come into showrooms to dealers.

2010 rdxnew acura rdxnew acura rdx 2010Acura RDX 2010

2010 Acura NSX Super GT - racing version

First picture of 2010 Acura NSX Super GT racing version.

It is expected that the novelty will get a new aerodynamic give short weight, which will consist of a large spoiler, a new front bumper with large air intake, extended wheel arches, new side "skirts" as well as a new rear bumper with a large cone.

The main competitors of 2010 Acura NSX Super GT such supercars as the Porsche 911 Turbo, Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo. Under its hood is located powerful V10, a capacity of about 450 - 500 hp.