Honda Jet start sales in 2012

The first deliveries of business jets Honda Jet expected in 2012. Recently, the U.S. passed the first test flight, the aircraft received certification of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

The plane flew on December 20 and spent the flight 51 minutes. Perfected various modes of flight, analyze the work of all systems, data were collected for Honda.

"This is a very important step for our program Honda Jet ", - said Mitimasa Fujino (Michimasa Fujino), president and CEO of Honda Aircraft Company. "The plane is fully tested and we are very pleased that this test flight went so well. Our team has worked very hard, we hope that work will justify itself and we will support high profile brands Honda and in the sky. "

Maximum altitude Honda Jet - 13,000 meters. Maximum speed - 777 km / h. Price - 4.5 million dollars.

2011 Li Nian S1

Honda has introduced the first model under the new "budget" brand Li Nian, created specifically for the Chinese market. This innovation became the S1 sedan, worked on the chassis model Honda City previous generation.

Debut of new items was held at China International Auto Show, but Honda plans to release it in a joint venture with a local company Guangzhou Automotive Group. Detailed characteristics of the car is not specified yet - we only know that he will be equipped with 1,3 - and 1,5-liter gasoline engine and manual transmission, automatic transmission or CVT. And in the sale will be available by spring 2011.

In China, Li Nian S1 will compete with products from local companies BYD and Chery. Whether this will be a model in other markets - not yet known.

Previously, the company Honda introduced another budget model - city hatchback Brio, designed for Asian markets. Originally, this car will be sold in Thailand.

At the motor show in China has presented its budget sedan and the brand Nissan - Sunny its model is built on the chassis of the fourth-generation Nissan Micra, and will be available with the 1.5 engine with 100 horsepower.

2011 Acura Electric car

Acura will develop a "strange" car.
The luxury brand of Honda - Acura - is preparing to recharge model line "unusual for a car," which, according to preliminary information, will be on sale next year.

Detailed information about the new model has not been disclosed. Some experts suggest that the company is preparing to debut Acura electric vehicle that will help luxury brand to join the struggle for buyers for environmentally friendly cars and increase sales. Other experts do not exclude the possibility of the appearance of a sports car, perhaps even ideological successor Supercar Honda NSX. Note that previously, this model is traditionally sold in the U.S. under the brand Acura.

The new front-supercar, Honda, test prototype of which two years ago was captured in the Nürburgring in Germany, it was decided not to market. Initially it was assumed that this is the car will be the successor model of NSX, but the Japanese manufacturer has decided that to begin selling this car, whose value amounted to around 150-175 thousand dollars, during the global economic crisis will not be profitable.

Earlier it was reported that the company Acura in the next year and a half, also intends to release a new flagship sedan, which will replace the current RL. It is expected that the development of this car engineers focus on safety and quality of materials used, and to improve sound insulation. Machine design, as precise Car and Driver, in comparison with the RL of the current generation does not fundamentally change.

2011 Acura RL presented in the USA

Acura decided to give your worker RL sedan right to life, and the car has already received an update regarding the cosmetic changes the body and other minor improvements.

2011 Acura RL uses the same 3.7-liter V6, 300 hp with drive to all four wheels (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive), which can be connected to a six-speed automatic transmission, Sequential Sportshift, the "petals" controls on the steering wheel. Fuel consumption of the unit is 13.83 liters. in urban areas and 9.8 liters. 100 km on the highway.

And the updated version will get a new exhaust system that reduces engine noise so that in the cabin, it seems that he stalled and, in conjunction with a new insulated floor impression that you are in church.

Style of the car was modified by 18-inch 15-spitsnym aluminum wheels, shod in tires Michelin Pilot all-season.

Honda Civic Concept at 2011 Detroit Auto Show

Honda has announced that, at the International Auto Show in Detroit in January 2011 will have its world premiere new Honda Civic Concept.
As the press service of Honda, Civic Concept is designed to create an idea of how it will look new generation Honda Civic.

It is rumored that some nodes will receive from the new hybrid car Honda CR-Z.
No official information on the Civic Concept unavailable.

2011 Honda New Small Vehicle serial version

First photos of the production version of a compact Honda New Small Vehicle, which these days will be presented at a motor show in Thailand.

It is worth noting that created on the basis of the concept car New Small Concept, first shown in India in January this year, the model of New Small Vehicle Prototype Honda reflects the vision of a compact city car.

It is expected that Honda New Small Vehicle Prototype goes on sale in Thailand and India in 2011. Version for each country will be specially adapted to the requirements of the local market.

More information about the new product will appear after the opening of the Thai exhibition.

Honda New Mid Concept: EICMA-2010:

To open on 2 November in Milan EICMA-Show 2010 will present the concept of New Mid from the Japanese Honda Motor.

Believe in the company, this concept encourages the full review a look at a familiar two-wheel drive. Concept combines innovative thinking and new technologies by offering a so-called multi-disciplinary car.

Spirit of sport motorcycle and scooter comfort - these are the basis for a completely new format of movement "on two wheels." In this case, the bike looks dynamic and enjoyable to drive.

Engine, designed with the latest technology, combined with a revolutionary gearbox Dual Clutch Transmission, which debuted at the Honda VFR1200F.

Landing in style legs extended forward, "is designed to add comfort rider, while at the same time give greater protection from dirt roads.

Also, the concept boasts a 17-inch wheels and new rear suspension design PRO-LINK. The creators also promise stability at high speeds and excellent maneuverability.

New 2011 Honda CBR125R get VFR style

The new Honda CBR125R motorcycle model 2011 model year will receive a family style VFR.

Official presentation of the motorcycle is expected in early November, but already there are now the first pictures of brochures about the same bike - Honda CBR150R, designed for Asian countries to meet their standards.

Except for a difference of 25 cubic centimeters in engine displacement, this device is completely identical to the more familiar European eye CBR125R.

Stylistics motorcycle is fully updated. It turned out that the motorcycle design resembles something between a VFR and Fireblade. Head light is very similar to the model VFR1200R, and the side and tail panel, if taken directly from the Fireblade.

The new instrument panel. Analog tachometer which marked up to 13,000 rpm. There is multifunctional digital display that can show speed, temperature, and any other information you would expect to find here.

Underwent complete redesign the exhaust system, which also resembles the solution applied to VFR1200R.
At the same time but the new look, inside everything remains almost as before. And the frame, and single-cylinder fuel-injected engine is practically not changed.

New bike in the Asian version was presented this week in Thailand, and in November at the EICMA-Show 2010 in Milan, will be formally presented to the European version and the CBR125R CBR250R.

2011 Honda VFR official teaser

We already know about the plans of Honda will present eight new models at the upcoming motor show in Milan, which will be held in November this year.

Originally it was assumed that one of the new bikes will have to compete with brands such as Ducati Multistrada, KTM 990, or SMT Yamaha Super Tenere. But judging from the sketch submitted, you will see "terribly hefty bike," which challenges all previous assumptions.

Characteristics and other features of new products while hidden, but you can expect fairly good technical progress, as was done for example VFR1200F. Definitely we can say that bikes have become lighter and more powerful.

In addition to the automatic transmission dual-clutch, Honda may also introduce a system of Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), which was announced five years ago. Such a system significantly reduce the voracity of the engine and increase its technical details.

Honda was named the greenest automaker in the U.S.

UCS (Union of the Concerned Scientists) U.S awarded Honda first place in the forthcoming biennial ranking of car manufacturers of the U.S. market, according to new research published on October 7. Rating primarily focuses on the comparative characteristics of producers in terms of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
Fifth consecutive Honda topped the list of eight leading automotive suppliers in North America, which together account for 90% of all sold in the U.S. cars and trucks.

"Despite the continued poor performance of some producers - said the study's author, Jim Klyaysh (Jim Kleisch), - UCS ratings show that since the project began in 2000, manufacturers began to pay for" green "factor is much greater attention, and the gap between most and least environment-friendly brands each year is reduced.

2011 Honda Odyssey price from 27800 $

Honda has released prices for its Odyssey minivan in 2011, which became a little more expensive than the previous version.

The new Honda Odyssey is offered in five models - LX, EX, EX-l, Touring and Touring Elite (new), equipped with 3.5-liter V-6 power 248 hp and completed a system Honda VTEC. Version Touring and Touring Elite equipped with an automatic six-speed gearbox, while the LX, EX and EX-L received a five-speed automatic.

The list of standard features include side airbags with passenger detection system, active head restraints, stability control, ABS and EBD.

Honda Odyssey Price starts from 27,800 dollars for LX version and ends with 43,250 dollars for Touring Elite.

2012 Honda V4X

Honda Motor Corporation of Japan has registered the right to trademark V4X. Experts believe that this may be hidden under the intention to create a bike that will compete with the Italian Ducati Multistrada.

It is assumed that this would be called bike dual-created based on staff Honda VFR1200.

According to analysts, this is not the ideal machine for that on this basis to create a motorcycle-class dual-sport - so that you can talk about it, the motorcycle must be at least "lose weight" - from the current 267 kg.

However, if Honda will realize its ambitious intentions, then the light can break a bike that will compete not only with the Italian 150-horsepower Ducati Multistrada, but with the German BMW R1200GS.

Rumors that the Japanese company plans to release a motorcycle, appeared before the final version was submitted to the actual bike Honda VFR1200F.

Initially, according to unofficial sources, the new unit planned to baptize Honda VFR1200X, but then this option was dropped.

Despite the fact that for a base for dual-sport does not suit the weight machines series VFR1200, they have a lot of mechanical components, which, by contrast, are ideally suited to this role, experts say.

More than a year ago, insider sources at Honda have confirmed that the project is being developed to replace the motorcycle Varadero, and apparently, V4X and will this bike.

However, development is very slow, despite the fact that the market for motorcycle-class adventure-sport is now booming.

Simultaneously with the registration of the trademark V4X Honda also filed an application for registration of another name - Crossrunner - and it is expected to register around the same set of goods, as well as for the first grade. Despite the fact that this may be due to a completely different project, it is possible that Honda somehow uses this name when you create versions of the same V4X.

At the same time, Japanese sources say that it is highly unlikely that V4X appears already in the lineup in 2011. More likely, it will be the model year 2012. And it is possible that this bike was originally presented as a concept bike - to assess the potential interest of buyers, before moving to mass production. Roughly following the same scenario, which was implemented when the concept of Honda Concept V4 into a Honda VFR1200F.

Honda Civic Si Coupe 2012 - first spy photos

The new Honda Civic will appear next year, and every day spy photographers continue to find ever new variants of the model, which suggests that the Japanese company is hard at work on the project.
The latest version has a compartment, and at first it might seem that this is a prototype version of the current Civic Coupe, but upon closer examination it becomes clear the opposite is "tuned" version of the Honda Civic Si.

Another obvious feature is the use of large rear brake discs, which are not available on the serial version.

Confirms that this coupe Honda Civic Si can serve as a unique red color scheme of the front seats with label Si, so that we can say that the company has decided to continue its tradition of producing this version.

General view of the Honda Civic Si appears to be virtually the same as the existing version, although the doors have a new design, as well as four-door version.

9 generation Honda Civic 2012 spied again

Just a few weeks ago, five-door version of the Honda Civic was seen at the Nurburgring, this time a prototype had moved across the ocean.

Sedan has always been considered a model of practicality and reliability, however, emerged after the Hyundai Elantra and Suzuki Kizashi, at the rate of simulation has been greatly enhanced, which is not the ninth-generation Honda Civic, whose design is still "gray and gloomy."

The next 9 generation Civic should go on sale until next year.

2012 Honda Civic New revealed

The American Automobile newspapers published computer photos, allow to understand how the future will look like a crossover BMW X4.

The basis for the new items will be an increase in the size of the platform on which to build Touring BMW 3 Series.
BMW X4 will be equipped with gasoline engines and 3.5 volume of 3 liters. As well as hybrid power plant.

While the car is under development. The emergence of X4-wheel drive on the public is planned for the end of 2011.

Honda has developed a special model for Russia

At this Moscow Motor Show Honda will introduce a new model for Russia.
As the press service of the manufacturer, the novelty combines unique contemporary design, stunning dynamics and unlimited high-speed movement on roads with different types of coverage. Stylish and functional, this model is created in the tradition of Honda.

Details of the car appears in the opening day.

Also at the motor show in Moscow will be provided with an updated model of the Civic, the hydrogen car FCX Clarity, a compact concept car 3R-C and electric unitsikl U3-X.

Honda introduced the new 2011 Jazz X

Honda is planning to launch a series of new version of Jazz, called Jazz X, but so far only for the Indian market.

Honda Jazz X gets new features of the body, new interior with the addition options and accessories, as well as the range of alloy wheels.

A distinctive feature will be the grille, fog lights, new exterior colors will Rallye Red, Tafetta White, Alabaster Silver, Crystal Black Pearl, Sherbet Blue and Deep Sapphire Blue.

The lounge will be available two-color system of shades, panel systems, some vehicle for rear passengers, height-adjustable driver's seat, an integrated USB-port.

Under the hood, Honda Jazz X will be located the same four-cylinder 1198 cc, power 89hp and equipped with technology VTEC.

2011 Honda Jazz X price will be approximately 16,260 dollars.

2011 Honda Fit - the cheapest hybrid ($18600)

Japanese carmaker Honda determined with the price of the hybrid model modification Fit, the third one "killer" Toyota Prius, sales of which start in October.

Honda Fit with a hybrid power plant will be the most affordable hybrid, at least in the Japanese market, where the cost of the car will be around $ 18.600. Today, the cheapest hybrid car in the Land of the Rising Sun is another model of production Honda - hatchback Insight, which sells for about $ 22 thousand

Official presentation of the Honda Fit with a hybrid power plant will be held in late September at the International Motor Show in Paris. According to preliminary data, the hybrid modification of city vehicles will be equipped with a petrol 1.3-liter 4-cylinder engine and electric motor. The total capacity of the unit will be around 100 hp and maximum torque reaches 121 Nm, wrote Autoguide.

Hybrid Honda Fit will be much more economical cars Insight, which is in the city at 100 km on average, consumes 5.88 liters of fuel, but on the highway - 5,4 liter. Probably, Honda Fit will differ from Model Fit with DIC new aerodynamic bodywork, the presence of Stop & Start technology and systems for energy recovery during braking. The choice of potential buyers offered bestupenchaty CVT and manual transmission.

Honda became the third-largest automaker in the U.S.

Japanese group Honda Motor became the third largest automaker in the U.S., overtaking the company Toyota (the third brand in the U.S. sales) and Concern Chrysler, which is almost all of their machines produce in North America.

This year, Honda has already released 555,734 vehicles in the U.S., and in North America - 756 788. For comparison, in the same U.S. conveyors Chrysler has gone 468,440 cars, and production toyotovskih plants was 430,535 units.

More Honda in the U.S. has collected only to Ford and General Motors.

In addition, Honda now produces more cars in the U.S. than at home in Japan - according to the first quarter of fiscal year 2010.

Within the U.S. at Honda has 10 plants, 2 plant under construction. In addition to these there are 14 design centers and research. In total these enterprises employ about 27,000 people.

Honda net profit for 3 months increased by 36 times

Net profit of Japanese automaker Honda Motor in the I quarter of 2010-2011 fiscal year increased more than 36 times - up to 271.4 billion yen (3.13 billion dollars) against the target of last year, recorded at 7.5 billion yen. This information is contained in published today, a press release.
Sales in the April-June 2010 increased by 28,2% and amounted to 2,890,000,000 yen (33.05 million dollars), whereas the year before the company received 2.25 billion yen.

Operating profit Honda Motor has reached 234.4 billion yen (2.7 billion dollars), more than nine times higher than in the past year, who was at around 25.1 billion yen.

Honda is the second largest car manufacturer after Toyota in Japan and one of the largest Japanese car exporters in the U.S. and other countries.

Honda produce hybrid and electric cars by 2013

Currently, the company Honda has been developing hybrid versions of its cars, which should appear on the market over the next three years.

This is a strategic development plan of the company that wants to be in the electric market segment one of the strongest players. Our specialists seek to achieve fuel economy to 1 liter of fuel at 60 km, which makes hybrid Honda the best in terms of efficiency.

And by 2013, Honda plans to release five hybrid vehicles. This information came after it became known that the Japanese plan to build a new plant, which will focus only on production of hybrids. In addition, Honda has refused to project a "clean diesel" in favor of the hybrid version.

However, no official report has been submitted.

Honda Pegasus Concept by Andrus Ciprian

Romanian designer Andrus Ciprian reasserted itself. After the release of several conceptual projects "not of this world", which includes Hummer HB, Mazda RX-Z and Dacia MC, the designer introduced the concept of sports supercar Honda Pegasus.

It seems that the very design of Honda Pegasus inspired by aircraft and partly resembles the development of the middle of this century, such as the Pontiac Firebird II, with the front and rear wings, and fantastic rear spoiler. So it posted on the concept of Honda Pegasus all these elements have been created to give the project a truly unique aerodynamics.

Also, thanks to its design, almost any modern racing engine will be able to disperse the Honda Pegasus to an unprecedented speed, and the wheels are designed in such a way that the additional flow of cooling air.

Despite the fact that we did not show the internal features of the car, there is no doubt that they will resemble the interior of the spacecraft.

2011 Honda CB750 House Rockers

Japanese tuning company House Rockers creatively handled Motorcycles Honda CB750 - the world's first superbike.

Wiseco piston engine was enlarged, so that the volume of the engine grew to 836ss. The frame was modified in 13 locations, and in addition many details that were originally made of steel, have been replaced with new aluminum or alloy - from tanks for fuel and oil until the battery compartment.
The wheels also have changed - at NSR250 magnesium alloy. Carburetor - Yoshimura, forks - Kayaba, rear suspension - Ohlins.

Upon completion of all works car up for sale. Price - 29 800 euros.

Honda introduced the Fireblade TT Tribute 2010

Japanese Honda Motor, using as the opening of the new dealership brand in Farnheme, presented two motorcycle Fireblade, made in the form of replicas of racing bikes series TT Isle of Man.

These machines are quite officially available for purchase. Motorcycles were manufactured in honor of the two pilots - John McGuinness and Ian Hutchinson (John McGuinness and Ian Hutchinson), the most successful riders in the TT for all time the existence of the race.

By the way, they both arrived at the dealership Farnham Honda in person to present the above is said machines.

Now these bikes represent a formal offer Honda, and they can be purchased through any authorized dealer's brand. So far, though only in the UK. Motorcycles are offered in versions with ABS, and without it, and the cost of these replicas are only 1200 euros more than the basic cost model Fireblade.

Hutchinson set a record in the Isle of Man TT of all time this year when he won five races once a week, and McGuinness has zagashnike much as 15 won races, TT, and in addition he became the first pilot, which at 37.7 miles route could show the average speed of over 130 miles per hour.

2011 Honda VTR B-STYLE new sport bike

New sports bike from Honda company - VTR B-STYLE will go on sale July 16. The new motorcycle is different-colored black pearl fuel tank, front wings and rear part. The wheels are also made in black. At the same time frame of new items colored red, which gives the look of the motorcycle contrast and more sporty.

Last year the company intends to sell 2500 copies motorcycle series VTR. New items will be available for 567,000 yen (including tax).

Some technical characteristics of the motorcycle Honda VTR B-STYLE:
- Dimensions: 2,080 mx 0.725 mx 1.055 m
- Wheel base: 1.405 m
- Ground clearance: 0.155 m
- Seat height: 0.760 m
- Engine: MC15E, liquid-cooled, two-cylinder, chetyrehklapanny, four stroke, DOHC
- Capacity: 249 cm3
- Bore x stroke: 60.0 x 44.1 mm
- Compression: 11.0
- Maximum capacity: 32 kVt/10, 500 rpm. min.
- Maximum torque: 22 Nm / 8,500 on. min.
- Weight: 161 kg
- Fuel tank volume: 12 l
- Fuel consumption: 40.0 km / l
- Minimum turning radius: 2.7 m
- Number of seats: 2

2012 Acura TL - first photos

Spy photographers provided an interesting job, while the version of the Acura TL has gone on sale only in 2009, it seems that the company has prepared an updated version.

The grill «Power Plenum», seen on this prototype may indicate that the body receives minor changes. Given the global trend, we can expect the emergence of a new transmission, instead of a five-speed version of the Acura TL, you may receive six-speed version of the.

Updated: 2010 Acura MDX official presented

Honda is presented in the United States an updated version of Acura MDX SUV. Luxury SUV 2010 model year received a completely new six-speed automatic transmission and an advanced 3.7-liter V6 with reduced fuel consumption and cleaner exhaust. Externally, the car is different from its predecessor more aggressive front end solution with a massive chrome plate over the grille and trapezoidal with additional air intakes, as well as a number of smaller improvements.

For the first time for owners of Acura offers a package of options Advance, which includes adaptive cruise control, the brakes, active suspension and a number of other security tools. Acura Dealers have already started taking orders for the new MDX, but his production will begin soon on the Honda plant in Canada.

Next gen 2011 Honda Ridgeline released

Honda company has released details on the next generation Ridgeline, as previously existed unchanged for five years.

New Honda Ridgeline focused on the most popular features for pickups, which are chosen by the customer "- says the release.

2011 Honda Ridgeline is powered by a 3.5-liter VTEC V-6, coupled with a five-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive system, Variable Torque Management (VTM-4).

Another highlight is the updated version of stability control (VSA), ABS with EBD, airbags, active head restraints, a system of monitoring pressure in the tires and LED lighting devices.

The new pickup will be available in three configuration levels - RT, RTS, and top-level RTL. The car is set on wheels, size 17x7.5, clad in all-season tires P245/65 R17. As an option available with 18x7.5 tires P245/60 R18.