Honda Skydeck Concept

At the motor show in Tokyo premiere Honda Skydeck concept, which demonstrates the company's new approach to the design of their models.

Concept demonstrates new design solutions Honda. In addition, the ideas embodied in the Skydeck, will be used to create a model FR-V.

Honda Skydeck is a wagon, which can accommodate up to 6 people. The seats are arranged in three rows, with the second row can be folded to increase the internal space. The car is equipped with a hybrid power plant. «Honda plans to create a number of hybrid cars, which would have appealed to different segments. Skydeck in the series so far will not go.

2010 Honda EV-Cub 2WD

Honda Motor has released an electric version of its popular motorcycle Honda Cub. Bike called Honda EV-Cub 2WD.

This lightweight motorcycle drive on two wheels and only electric traction. Exact details about this machine have not been disclosed, but according to sources, the unit can do in the free sale early next year.

2010 Honda VFR 1200 F

Honda will release a new motorcycle VFR 1200 F, presumably, in February 2010.

Sportourer model tools V4 engine working volume of 1,237 cubic meters. cm and a capacity of 127 kW / 172 hp Power point peredaktsya to the wheels through a cardan gear. 90% torque of 129 Nm available from 4000 rpm.

The device is equipped with a clutch Antihopping, allowing for a turn to sports to switch from higher to a lower transmission. Also equip a motorcycle anti-lock system.
2010 VFR 1200 F is built on the core-bridge aluminum cast frame. -Weight - 267 lbs.

Honda Crosstour show your interior

Even on the merits of the model Crosstour 2010 has not been seen in the metal, and Honda released images of its interior innovations.

Packed instrument panel, is somewhat like Accord, with simple analog devices and accessible navigation system. Especially telling nothing about the interior, you can only consider it more, nothing innovative about it. Particular attention is paid to the trunk, which is relatively spacious.
It is reported that Honda Crosstour 2010 in the standard version will be completed with 3.5-liter V-6, power 268 hp at 6 200 rpm and 336 Nm of torque at 5 000 rpm, connecting with an automatic five-speed gearbox. To date, Honda has not yet provided the fuel consumption figures, saying only that it is possible the emergence of all-wheel drive option Crosstour 2010.