2011 Honda New Small Vehicle serial version

First photos of the production version of a compact Honda New Small Vehicle, which these days will be presented at a motor show in Thailand.

It is worth noting that created on the basis of the concept car New Small Concept, first shown in India in January this year, the model of New Small Vehicle Prototype Honda reflects the vision of a compact city car.

It is expected that Honda New Small Vehicle Prototype goes on sale in Thailand and India in 2011. Version for each country will be specially adapted to the requirements of the local market.

More information about the new product will appear after the opening of the Thai exhibition.

Honda New Mid Concept: EICMA-2010:

To open on 2 November in Milan EICMA-Show 2010 will present the concept of New Mid from the Japanese Honda Motor.

Believe in the company, this concept encourages the full review a look at a familiar two-wheel drive. Concept combines innovative thinking and new technologies by offering a so-called multi-disciplinary car.

Spirit of sport motorcycle and scooter comfort - these are the basis for a completely new format of movement "on two wheels." In this case, the bike looks dynamic and enjoyable to drive.

Engine, designed with the latest technology, combined with a revolutionary gearbox Dual Clutch Transmission, which debuted at the Honda VFR1200F.

Landing in style legs extended forward, "is designed to add comfort rider, while at the same time give greater protection from dirt roads.

Also, the concept boasts a 17-inch wheels and new rear suspension design PRO-LINK. The creators also promise stability at high speeds and excellent maneuverability.