Acura ZDX Concept (X6-Fighter) will be presented at New York Auto Show

Acura gave the name of a competitor BMW X6, which has already been nicknamed «X6-fighter».

Acura has announced the name of the new model, which will be shown at the Auto Show in New York, and now bears the name of the concept of «ZDX».

«Prototype ZDX no resemblance to anything ever presented before from Acura», said Jeff Conrad, vice president of sales Acura. «The prototype offers a new level of luxury, style and design of Acura, which speak for themselves, and only contribute to further advance the brand».

«Luxurious four-compartment» intends to appear at the official dealers of the company already this fall, and Acura is ready to confirm these dates. As well as the fact that the car will be equipped with all «trendy, useful and essential» options and technologies that will significantly increase the safety of the car.

2009 Honda Civic - 5 star in Euro NCAP crash test

Honda Civic received the maximum score for crash test Euro NCAP, the new scheme of assessment established by the organization since February 2009. Honda Civic 2009 with pyatidvernym body scored 28 points for adult occupant safety, 11.9 points in frontal crashes, and 7.7 points in the side impact.
Speaking about the safety of pedestrians, Honda Civic 2009 received 24 points.
New Euro NCAP score for the 2009 Honda Civic is the second confirmation of a five-class cars of this brand, the first five points receive 2009 Honda Accord.

Acura Sport CUV - first official photos

The new model will be based on a model MDX. Acura CUV has a bold design with a convex front and rear wheel arches, as well as the hidden rear door handles to open, which gives the semblance of a car compartment. According to some reports is well known that the new Acura will receive all the new technologies and systems.

Under the hood placed 3.7 liters. V-6 engine, power of 300 hp and 372 Nm of torque. Acura could get a first V-8, but this is unlikely. The new crossover will be equipped with Full-power system, SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive).

2010 Acura CUV - new spy shot

Jeff Noel photographed in Canada, a test prototype of Acura, the car body in the coupe-crossover.

The company not to publish any information about this model. It is assumed that the premium brand, Honda is going to market its version of CUV and compete with BMW X6.

2011 Honda Accord - 8th Generation

Honda is developing a new generation of Honda Accord 2011 model year.
Accord Sedan becomes more like a 4-door coupe. In future versions of the design for the Accord in Europe, Japan and the U.S. unified.
Computer sketch reflects the concept of novelty. The eighth generation Honda Accord would be of high line of the body, and explaining the glazing, the car will become more aggressive and sports: the grille and headlights below, make the short overhangs and wheel arches will be pronounced protuberances.
Series Accord Type-S could get a new 2.3-liter turbocharged engine.

2009 Honda Accord has received "five stars" in the new Euro NCAP test

Participating in testing a new Honda Accord 2.2 i-DTEC Sedan showed 86% of the safety of adults, 79% - children 54% - of pedestrians. To get the final assessment, five stars, you need to recruit at least 70% of the overall level of protection. Honda Accord has gained 86%.

Honda changed the color of scooters - Forza X, Forza Z and Forza Z ABS

Honda changed the color of scooters Series Forza: Forza X, Forza Z and Forza Z ABS. Scooters, made in the new colors are available already on 27 February.
Rear seats of all models is now done in the same color as the body. Seat Forza Z ABS is monochrome, and front and rear wheels have been gilded. Edging the seats of this model is now gray, which allows to place the emphasis. Scooter Forza X is available in 2 colors - white and black. Forza Z, as well as previously available in black, as well as in several new colors - white, silver metallic and pearl yellow. Scooter Forza Z ABS now also represented in 2 new colors - white and silver metallic.
Last year the company plans to sell 9 000 jet series Forza, made in new colors. Price Forza X 651 at 000 yen, Forza Z - 693 000 yen, and Forza Z ABS may be purchased for 756 000 yen.