Honda New Small Concept

Honda will present next year compact concept car - Honda New Small Concept. The machine is designed to be the main competitor of the cheapest car in the world - Tata Nano. Vehicle development company engaged in Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI). The new concept designed specifically for the Indian and other emerging markets worldwide.

The premiere of the new concept will take place at 10 showroom in Delhi, which will take place in January 2010.

Honda HSV 010 Super GT - new sportcar

The company said that this "racing car, especially for the Japanese racing series Super GT", the car has the same base as the "next generation NSX" - it is a civil project, however, suspended due to the crisis.

Honda has spent a lot of time and effort to create this super-coupe with V10 engine, which should become a competitor to Lexus LFA. The car was supposed to have the same Acura Sports name and be timed to coincide with the appearance of Acura brand in Japan, but in 2008 the project was closed due to the difficult economic situation.
Nevertheless, some idea yet translated: the new Super GT named HSV 010 will receive the same appearance as the Acura Sports, but will have other technical component. Instead, the V10 engine car to get V8 engine capacity of 3.4 liters, is issued by no less than 600 horsepower. However, for the motor racing pryti slightly abated, to comply with technical regulations of the competition.

For more details of the new car will appear in January 2010, but now we can assume that Honda is unlikely to be confined to the racing model.

Honda will release in the second generation of Element crossover in 2010

Japanese company Honda Motor plans next year to market a second generation crossover Element. Told the vice-president of American Honda Motor John Mendel. While no details about this car no. We only know that the creation of crossover Element of the second generation is in terms of leadership Honda Motor is one of the main places.

Honda Element crossover has appeared on the market in 2003. Since then, a car made only minor changes. Last year was sold 26 447 copies of this model, and in 2009 - 13 458.

2010 Honda CB Twister

Honda Motor presented its new 110-cc bike - CB Twister for the Indian market.

The motorcycle was officially presented by Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (Pvt.) Ltd.

The new model goes on sale in the Indian market in late February 2010. The general public present at 2010 Auto Expo.

The motorcycle is primarily aimed at the younger generation. He received a very stylish design.

Starting price from 42 000 rupees in the base set (about 608 euros). Company plans to sell 2010 Honda CB Twister about 220 000 of these bikes a year.

Honda P-NUT Concept official presented at 2009 Los Angeles AutoShow

Honda introduced in Los Angeles, ultra-compact concept, which gives an idea of the future city car.

A new project called the P-Nut, which stands for Personal Neo Urban Transport. Its shape resembles a car nut, stretched to 3.49 meters in length, 1.75 meters wide and 1.44 meters in height. The machine is designed for three people and just as competitor Smart Fortwo, has a rear engine and rear wheel drive. There are three engines: an ordinary engine, electric motor and the hybrid version.

Otherwise than in the other car's seat: the driver sits in the center, while the rear passengers - left and right. Thus, on a plan of development achieved by the machine feeling more vysokgo class. In addition, the seats can be folded, increasing the trunk.

Honda P-NUT - Personal-Neo Urban Transport

At the International Motor Show in Los Angeles, the Japanese company Honda introduced the concept of personal urban transport - Personal-Neo Urban Transport (P-NUT).

Futuristic and very compact device resembles reduced in size unicycle, which act circus performers. Above Honda P-NUT has a comfortable seat, the bottom something like pedals or just chicanery. Front and rear there is a small LED optics.

Japan launched environmentally friendly car race

In Japan, three environmentally friendly car running on hydrogen-powered, went to run the country for a length of 1100 kilometers. They will go from the capital city of Tokyo to Fukuoka on the southern island of Kyushu.

According to ITAR-TASS, with hydrogen-powered Japanese associate the future of the national automotive industry. A path is to demonstrate that they are able to hydrogen vehicles is almost equaled those that run on gasoline.

The action involved three cars leading Japanese companies - Toyota, Honda and Nissan. These experimental machines have an electric motor that operates at the expense of energy derived by combining hydrogen from the tank to atmospheric oxygen. A byproduct of this reaction is only non-polluting water vapor.

However, some scientists are skeptical about hydrogen engines, claiming that a massive switch to them may adversely affect the environment, and the greenhouse effect will only intensify.

Honda Native - the first car-chameleon

Nature is for man an inexhaustible storehouse of ideas that we have time that it could seek to borrow it, without creating anything "original", which once again proved in practice, Romanian auto designer Tudoran Liviu, the concept of equipping its electric properties inherent Until recently, only a living creature.

The artist has developed a design of a new car, which could change color depending on the environment. His brainchild of Romanians called Honda Native.

The concept is proposed to produce a light material. The car will be covered with a photochromic material, through which cars will be able to change the "color" depending on the temperature, lighting and other environmental factors, said Internet resource Ecofriend. It is assumed that the movement will lead Honda Native electric engine working on lithium-ion batteries.

Honda Accord CrossTour prices

Honda Accord CrossTour one of the most waiting models this year, in any case the company on this model are assigned a very high hopes. This week became the first known model of price ranges - 26 670 ... 36 220 dollars, start of sales - 20 November this year.

Honda Accord CrossTour available in two trim EX and EX-L, both of which are activated 3.5-liter i-VTEC V-6 power of 271 hp at 6 200 rpm and 344 Nm of torque at 5 000 r / min, reaching the average fuel consumption in liters 8.9/13.3. 100 km in the suburban / urban cycle, respectively. Drive the model - the front. V-6 is associated with the standard five-speed automatic gearbox before.

In standard also includes dual-zone climate control, audio at 360 watts, 17-inch aluminum wheels with all-season tires 225/65 R17, cruise control, fog lamps, chrome door handles, body-colored side mirrors, etc.

Accord Crosstour EX-L gets leather upholstery, heated front seats, leather steering wheel and shield the gear lever, with hand brake, avtozatemnyayuscheesya rear-view mirror, 18-inch aluminum wheels with all-season tires 225/60 R18, an integrated USB-port, and much more.

Honda Skydeck Concept

At the motor show in Tokyo premiere Honda Skydeck concept, which demonstrates the company's new approach to the design of their models.

Concept demonstrates new design solutions Honda. In addition, the ideas embodied in the Skydeck, will be used to create a model FR-V.

Honda Skydeck is a wagon, which can accommodate up to 6 people. The seats are arranged in three rows, with the second row can be folded to increase the internal space. The car is equipped with a hybrid power plant. «Honda plans to create a number of hybrid cars, which would have appealed to different segments. Skydeck in the series so far will not go.

2010 Honda EV-Cub 2WD

Honda Motor has released an electric version of its popular motorcycle Honda Cub. Bike called Honda EV-Cub 2WD.

This lightweight motorcycle drive on two wheels and only electric traction. Exact details about this machine have not been disclosed, but according to sources, the unit can do in the free sale early next year.

2010 Honda VFR 1200 F

Honda will release a new motorcycle VFR 1200 F, presumably, in February 2010.

Sportourer model tools V4 engine working volume of 1,237 cubic meters. cm and a capacity of 127 kW / 172 hp Power point peredaktsya to the wheels through a cardan gear. 90% torque of 129 Nm available from 4000 rpm.

The device is equipped with a clutch Antihopping, allowing for a turn to sports to switch from higher to a lower transmission. Also equip a motorcycle anti-lock system.
2010 VFR 1200 F is built on the core-bridge aluminum cast frame. -Weight - 267 lbs.

Honda Crosstour show your interior

Even on the merits of the model Crosstour 2010 has not been seen in the metal, and Honda released images of its interior innovations.

Packed instrument panel, is somewhat like Accord, with simple analog devices and accessible navigation system. Especially telling nothing about the interior, you can only consider it more, nothing innovative about it. Particular attention is paid to the trunk, which is relatively spacious.
It is reported that Honda Crosstour 2010 in the standard version will be completed with 3.5-liter V-6, power 268 hp at 6 200 rpm and 336 Nm of torque at 5 000 rpm, connecting with an automatic five-speed gearbox. To date, Honda has not yet provided the fuel consumption figures, saying only that it is possible the emergence of all-wheel drive option Crosstour 2010.

Honda CBR600RR Ian Hutchinson TT livery Replica

Honda celebrates anniversary: fifty years of participation in competitions Tourist Trophy and Honda South Africa. On this occasion, the company produced a limited series of motorcycles CBR600RR 2009 Ian Hutchinson TT livery Replica.

In technical "stuffing" material changes will not be modified only by color. All bikes have their own serial number - from 1 to 50. Comes with helmet Shark RSF3, painted in the colors of the motorcycle. Each buyer will receive a personalized certificate of purchase of the bike. Motorcycles will be available at the price of 10,185 euros and the price with C-ABS will be 11,018 euros.

2010 Honda PCX Hi-tech Scooter

2010 Honda PCX scooter is equipped with high-tech 4-stroke 125-qm engine with liquid cooling - a completely new design company. Especially engineers are proud of the minimum fuel consumption - 2 l. 100 km. This was achieved mainly through the system automatically stops the engine during idle time.

Thanks to electronic fuel injection system PGM-FI, Honda PCX will keep the most rigorous to date environmental standards of Europe and the USA. The price of a scooter is not reported, but it should be quite affordable - to reduce production costs, the production of the scooter will be used for general Honda technology and components.

The emergence of markets in Japan, the United States and Europe scooter Honda PCX expected already in 2010.

2010 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade - first photos

Honda published the first photos of the Japanese Honda Superbike - CBR1000RR Fireblade 2010 model year.

The model has received a small facelift, new headlamps, a new exhaust system. Designers also worked a little over a crankshaft to improve performance bike at high speed.
European prices for the model - for the version without ABS will be asked in the base of 15 960 euros, for the variant with ABS - 16 690 euros.
Initially will be offered three options for colors: red with a light gray (the black rims), black and white (also in black disks) and pure black (on the disks of color "metallic gold").

2012 Honda XLV1200

There were news about the new light-travel enduro from Honda. According to preliminary information will be staffed by a motorcycle engine Honda V4. This engine was first released in an updated model VFR, the premiere of which is scheduled for late 2009.

Bike called Honda XLV1200 received GS-style, very direct landing rider, a comfortable passenger seat, and low center of gravity shifted. One of the main issues on the project at present - the size of the fuel tank. Honda declared their intention to make tourer, able to get many hundreds of kilometers without refueling, but specific figures are not yet known. Draft prepared by the end of 2011.

2010 Honda Shadow 750 Black Spirit

Honda updates the design of Shadow Spirit 750 model, launched in 2007. Chopper was designed and modeled on the classic canons of style from the United States.

By 2010, Honda is preparing a new modification - Black Spirit 750. The updated engine V2, and deep planting they mark the segment sports cruiser. All components and materials Black Spirit 750 selected very carefully, and build quality looks. There were many road tests of the model, which guarantees honed performance and maximum driving pleasure rider.

2010 Honda NT700

Honda introduced the model NT700V, with 680ss V-Twin engine, for everyday use.

Adjustable glass Honda NT700 provides excellent protection from the weather. Integrated wardrobe trunks significantly reduce headache for lovers of tourism, no need to buy them separately, to cling, and keep it. Seat height relatively small - 80.5 cm fully equipped bike weighs just 208 kilograms. And this is with full tank, which, incidentally, holds 19.5 liters.

2010 Honda NT700 price is $ 9 999 or 10 999 $ with ABS.

2010 Honda Fit - official specs and photos

Honda has released official specifications and photos of five-door version of the model Fit 2010. The new small car is estimated to be 14 900 dollars for a version with five-speed manual gearbox, the maximum value of the car is 19 110 dollars, the model is called the Fit Sport, and additionally equipped with navigation.

Fit is equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder unit i-VTEC, capable of developing 117 hp at 6 600 rpm and 144 Nm of torque at 4 800 rpm. When equipped with this Motor automatic gearbox, it can consume 8.4 liters of fuel per 100 km in the city and 6.7 liters. 100 km on the highway. Manual promotes consumption 8.7 liters. 100 km in the city and 7.1 liters. 100 km on the highway.

Safety features of the new Fit include a special body structure and is included as standard equipment, a system of ABS. In addition, there are airbags, as the back and front.

In terms of comfort, the cabin has air conditioning, all electric windows and side mirrors, central locking. At Honda Fit Sport additionally appears with six-speaker audio system (on the standard version has only four speakers) and Navigation System Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System, equipped with voice recognition and 6.5-inch monitor.

Also on the Fit Sport has alloy wheels, aerodynamic body kit, roof spoiler, fog lights, alarm system and cruise control.

Honda Crosstour - first official teasers

Honda extended the first official photo-teasers of a new model, known as Crosstour, and also reported that the car will premiere in the United States on 1 September this year.

New Honda, representing the medium crossover will be built on the base Accord, will receive the full original system drive and the SH-AWD will be offered with a wide range of engines, including four-and six gasoline pumps with capacity 177 and 271 horsepower and the amount of 2,4 and 3 , 5 liters, respectively.

The car will be the body with the sloping roof in the style of cars with body "coupe", and the general direction of design is scheduled to perform in the style of crossover Acura ZDX, presented at the end of July this year.

Honda Accord Crosstour appears on the U.S. market for sale this autumn. Prices for this car will begin from 25 thousand dollars.