Honda 3R-C three-wheeled electric vehicle

At the Geneva International Motor Show which starts next week, will be the world premiere of three-wheeled electric vehicle - Honda 3R-C. Japanese company positioning this model as a city car of the future. The power plant is the lowest in three-wheeled frame, resulting in lower center of gravity and improve stability of the machine on the road.

Honda 3R-C is equipped with a transparent plastic hood that covers the driver's seat while parked, and during the movement into a sleek windscreen and the driver provides a high level of comfort. The sides of the capsule to protect the safety of passengers, reducing the risk of injury during side collisions. Design 3R-C was developed in European R & D - Honda Center in Milan.

By 2014, Honda will release a large minivans and sedans with hybrid engines

According to company executives Honda Motor, by 2014 the market will be more mini-vans and sedans with a hybrid power plant. Moreover, Honda Motor has already sought to bring to market a hybrid version of the Accord, but sales of its advanced badly.

Honda Motor plans to release a hybrid minivan on the basis of a hybrid family
Concept SkyDec, which was shown to the public in 2009 at the motor show in Tokyo.

In addition, the hybrid model will also appear in a line of brand Acura, as well as most of them are technically similar to the corresponding models of Honda, it is likely the emergence of hybrids and among similar models of Honda.

Recall that in recent years, Honda Motor Company executives have repeatedly said that the hybrids - is a transitional technology, and, therefore, special attention paid to them is meaningless.

New Generation Honda Odyssey - waiting in 2011

The fourth-generation minivan will be released on the market at the end of this year, and while the company presented a preproduction version of the status of the concept.

One of the most surprising innovations International Motor Show in Chicago is perhaps the concept Honda Odyssey for the North American market. Of course, Honda Motor has repeatedly reported on the intention to present here this car, but had absolutely no "leaks" and the premiere was actually the premiere, since no one picture the car is still not there. It should be pointed out that it is a model for the North American market: in Japan under the name Odyssey sold a completely different car.

Introduced the concept looks almost completely ready to launch into series production. Of course, some items will be removed: door handles, mirrors, and perhaps lights will gain a more utilitarian and familiar look. Not ready, apparently, only salon: no details about it there, but on the car show was tightly closed. Reported only that the new Honda Odyssey will be 7-seater with ample opportunities transform the passenger compartment.

The car is lower and wider than the current Odyssey. In numbers, there are only a couple inches, but visually the changes are much more noticeable. In general, car design is rather calm, but on the general background of distinguishing broken line glazing - the company claims that it should improve the view from the driver's seat.

Only provided for the production version of the engine is likely to remain the petrol V6, but its efficiency and environmental performance will be somewhat improved.

The company stresses that the Honda Odyssey is a truly American product: it is completely designed and will be released officially on sale only in the United States.

Honda Ridgeline is preparing for a change of generations

Honda Ridgeline pickup delivers the final position: the demand for it continues to fall.

Data on emergency change of generations leads edition Pickuptrucks. The next generation Ridgeline, is expected to come on the market in 2011 is well known that the car will retain the layout and main dimensions. Will design, which is not particularly fell on the tastes of the majority of buyers, and in respect of engines will be held not less than serious work - plans to significantly increase efficiency while maintaining the basic parameters.

Honda will present European version of CR-Z in Geneva 2010

Honda CR-Z European version will debut at the 2010 International Auto Show in Geneva, the press service of the company, as stated in the message, the version for the European market is different 2 +2 interior layout, and LED lights daylight. Start selling CR-Z in Europe is scheduled for mid-2010. Prices for the car will be sounded at the Geneva Motor Show.

Honda show Solar Hydrogen Station

Honda in the near future plans to convert all cars to hydrogen fuel, as well as special compact stations, through which you can refuel the car at home. Honda Research Center in Los Angeles started the first portable hydrogen filling stations Honda Solar Hydrogen Station. Engineers managed to significantly reduce the weight and dimensions of the gas station, that in the future will allow each owner hydrogen car Honda have their own fueling station. This device is fully autonomous and is powered by solar panels.

For 8 hours developed a solar-hydrogen filling stations Honda Solar Hydrogen Station can produce enough hydrogen (0.5 kg) to ensure that your car is cruising range of 50-60 km.