Honda Linian Roadster

Honda presented the Linian twin seat Roadster Concept.

Unlike the previous 5-door concept shown at the Beijing Auto Show 2008, this represents a double Linian roadster.

Honda Linian should replace the S2000, which not so long ago removed from production.

Linian Roadster will get a new drive system, done a new power unit and a lot of innovation, which works diligently Honda.

2011 Honda Beat Sport

Japanese company intends to revive the model Honda Beat, released in the 1991-96 year.
A sports microcar was rear-wheel drive, and the middle atmosphere located 3-cylinder 660-vat engine power 64 hp. According to unofficial information, the all new Beat equip 660-cubes turboengine as models Zest, Life, etc. But the engine locate front and will drive the front.
All new Honda Beat will appear on the market no earlier than 2011.

2009 Honda Element Dog Friendly

Honda Motor introduced at the 2009 Motor Show in New York Element Dog Friendly Concept, modified specifically for dogs. In the car found a bed, special caps, ventilation and special way for four-pet, and other conveniences.

If the dog - friend person, 2009 Honda Element Dog Friendly - a dog's best friend. Sales of this model is due to start in autumn this year.

2010 Acura ZDX - luxury coupe-crossover

Acura showed ZDX. Four new, luxury crossover «Coupe», aims to compete with the BMW X6.

ZDX now has a recognizable grille and overall body simulations, which cover the whole range of models of Acura.

Acura ZDX installed on 20-inch discs, the body has a large number of chrome-plated parts, including exhaust pipes. In the cabin can be seen from the typical luxury Acura, using high quality materials, advanced technologies, which include the rear-view camera system with a wide viewing angle. ZDX engine equipped with a V-6 Full-power and high-quality system Super Handling All-Wheel Drive.

New Acura ZDX will be on sale as early as 2009.

Honda Today and Today А Updated

Honda changed the color of popular scooters Today and Today F, and equipped them with new convenient one-click button stop turning signals, and the new odometer. Modernized scooters will go on sale April 10. In addition, the scooter is now Today is a new design of the speedometer.
Updated Today became available in new colors - metallic blue and metallic gray. As for the scooter Today F - now it will be presented in the nacreous colors, ivory and purple pearl. Overall, it is possible to choose from 10 colors.
The company plans to sell 46 000 copies of scooters. Price Today will be 134 400 yen, and the Today F can be 139 650 yen.