2013 Honda Beat - cheap sportcar

It became known that in the depths of the Japanese company is developing a compact roadster Honda Beat the new generation. Under this name in the 90s produced an extremely tiny machine of less than 3.3 m, equipped with engine capacity of 0.6 liters. In Japan, these machines belong to a special class of "key-kari", which apply lower tax rates and discounts on insurance. However, the novelty will be a more serious sports car.

The roadster will create a platform for hybrid hatchback Honda CR-Z (pictured below). Capacity of the power unit will be relatively good for a small sports car - 170 hp But the most attractive feature of the new items should be its price. It is expected that Europe will ask for it from 14 000 euro. Note that the initial price of the roadster Mazda MX-5 in the West now stands at around 20 000 euros. Honda Beat premiere to be held in 2013.