Honda net profit grew by 95,9%

Net profit of Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. in the 2009-2010 fiscal year ending March 31, 2010 increased by 95,9% compared with the previous fiscal year and amounted to 268.4 billion yen (2.87 billion dollars).

In the 2008-2009 fiscal year, Honda posted a net profit of 137 billion yen. Such data are contained in a report published today by automakers, RBC reports.
Honda sales for the year ended March 31, 2010 decreased by 14,3% - to 8.58 trillion yen (91.7 billion dollars) to 10 trillion yen a year earlier. Honda operating profit increased by 91,8%, amounting to 363.78 billion yen (3.9 billion dollars), whereas for the previous financial year the figure was 189.6 billion yen.
In the IV quarter of last fiscal year (January-March 2010) net profit Honda Motor was 72.2 billion yen (772 million dollars) against the net loss a year earlier of $ 180 billion yen. Sales for January-March totaled 2.28 trillion yen (24.4 billion dollars) - 28% more than the same period a year ago, amounting to 1.78 trillion yen.
Honda is the second largest car manufacturer after Toyota in Japan and one of the largest Japanese car exporters in the U.S. and other countries.

Honda Li Nisn Everus Concept

At the Beijing Auto Show Honda introduced its new concept - Li Nisn Everus, originally designed for rapid development Chinese market.

Honda Li Nisn Everus - is joint work Honda and its Chinese partner Guangqi Honda Automobile. Relatively new car virtually no information, except that it is the concept.

But judging by some of the elements, there is a feeling that this kind of interpretation of the Honda Civic, but at the same time with the elements of the Honda Acura, especially in the design of the front and rear.

However, in the Honda Li Nisn Everus can suggest that when the model hit the market, it offers relatively high-level of comfort and get more standard options, compared with their older brothers.

Promo Video - Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid Coupe

Promotional video of the new hybrid coupe Honda CR-Z, developed in conjunction with the Gaucho Productions company, last week appeared on the network. The video clip, lasting 90 seconds, shows the dynamic, aesthetic and environmental aspects of the first hybrid sport Honda, which goes on sale in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"Unusual Coupe Honda CR-Z is a combination of elegance and sporting character. We would like to submit a draft so real as possible. We are confident that the hybrid will be a very attractive product "- the company says.

"Hybrid Honda CR-Z is very important for the company, the car is very attentive to detail, and this video is a reminder about this.

At the cutscene hybrid coupe Honda CR-Z starts his journey in the early morning, which ultimately ends in the late evening, and during this time viewers an opportunity to observe what happens.

2011 Honda EV-neo Electric scooter

Honda Motor Co present scooter with a fully electric engine, which is the first attempt of the company to do a massive promotion of motorcycles with zero emissions.

EV-neo on dimensions similar to the Honda 50cc scooter, and its lithium ion batteries with fast charging can fill up to 80 percent in just 20 minutes. The complete charging batteries through normal socket will take four hours, the company said.

At full charge, the scooter can travel over 30 kilometers.

Sales will begin in Japan in December this year. Honda did not give comments about the price of EV-neo, but indicated that it would be close to the value of similar scooters with petrol engines.

According to the sales offices Motorcycle Honda, the company has no immediate plans to sell scooters in the foreign market, however, if any, then the conditional first on the list is China with its great demand for such electric vehicles.

Honda U3-X Personal Mobility Device - a new futuristic scooter

Honda is demonstrated for Endgadget resource U3-X Personal Mobility Device - a device that can completely change your ideas about the means of transportation. This is a small device with a wheel, where you can ride. The size of this scooter - 315 mm in length, 160 mm in width and 650 mm in height. Weight it about 10 kg. Speed unit is approximately equal to the velocity of ordinary pedestrian, that is about 5 km / h. Fully charge the device allows only 1 hour drive. Now scooter U3-X is in the process of experimental design, so its appearance in the near future stores can be expected.

Honda is developing the next generation hybrid sports coupe

Honda CR-Z, which is already available at authorized dealers may be the basis for the development of an entirely new project.
There are reports that Honda took up the development of a hybrid sport coupe next generation, which would eclipse all the sports cars, including CR-Z. Details on the project virtually no rumors say only that Honda refuses to previously planned hybrid V-6 engine instead of the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, combined with the new hybrid technology, Honda IMA. In turn, V-6 version is considered as an analogue for vans, minivans and SUVs.
The new hybrid coupe, likely to be the same size as the coupe and Accord, with four seats in the cabin. In addition to the driver the choice is between performance and capacity or efficiency and low efficiency.
Some sources say more about that now, Honda is testing a certain system, which is very similar to what is on Chevy Volt. The difference lies in the use capacious capacitor, which accumulates to a saved or recovered energy, and after it had already distributed the "needy" systems.

2011 Honda Odyssey - latest spy shots

The current generation Honda Odyssey, according to most experts and owners is the best in its kind, but the company faced the fact that the car is outdated, especially if you pay attention to the development of the project Toyota Sienna। At present the company Honda has taken a short pause, apparently, is waiting for the summer, ready to launch the new Quest. At the same time, Chrysler is finalizing the production of Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan and too early to discount the Volkswagen Routan.

Either way, the new Honda Odyssey will be on sale no later than this year. Since this year has already been presented a prototype model in Chicago, and thanks fotoshpionam became possible to identify a car in Las Vegas. One of the photographs is remote visible interior of the new Odyssey, but the details still early. Although there is some semblance of internal space of the same name concept.

Sources claim that the 2011 Honda Odyssey is more spacious, more powerful and more economical compared with the current version of a minivan. Secret is only one fact - ask whether the Honda Odyssey for four-wheel drive.

World premiere of Acura TSX Sport Wagon 2011

At 2010 New York Auto Show, Honda present a new version of Acura TSX in the sport wagon। The car, designed luxurious unit of Japanese Honda, received a 2।4-liter four-cylinder inline engine with 200 hp and five-speed automatic transmission with podrulevymi switches gears। For a segment of the TSX Wagon differs moderate "appetite" - the fuel consumption in extra-urban cycle is less than 7।8 l/100km।

At the premiere, it was observed that the wagon had inherited from the TSX sedan not only "a muscular, aggressive look, but also dynamic। New positioned primarily as a sports car, and only then - as a practical family car. Sales of Acura TSX Sport Wagon 2011 in the United States will begin this fall.