2010 Honda Fit - official specs and photos

Honda has released official specifications and photos of five-door version of the model Fit 2010. The new small car is estimated to be 14 900 dollars for a version with five-speed manual gearbox, the maximum value of the car is 19 110 dollars, the model is called the Fit Sport, and additionally equipped with navigation.

Fit is equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder unit i-VTEC, capable of developing 117 hp at 6 600 rpm and 144 Nm of torque at 4 800 rpm. When equipped with this Motor automatic gearbox, it can consume 8.4 liters of fuel per 100 km in the city and 6.7 liters. 100 km on the highway. Manual promotes consumption 8.7 liters. 100 km in the city and 7.1 liters. 100 km on the highway.

Safety features of the new Fit include a special body structure and is included as standard equipment, a system of ABS. In addition, there are airbags, as the back and front.

In terms of comfort, the cabin has air conditioning, all electric windows and side mirrors, central locking. At Honda Fit Sport additionally appears with six-speaker audio system (on the standard version has only four speakers) and Navigation System Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System, equipped with voice recognition and 6.5-inch monitor.

Also on the Fit Sport has alloy wheels, aerodynamic body kit, roof spoiler, fog lights, alarm system and cruise control.

Honda Crosstour - first official teasers

Honda extended the first official photo-teasers of a new model, known as Crosstour, and also reported that the car will premiere in the United States on 1 September this year.

New Honda, representing the medium crossover will be built on the base Accord, will receive the full original system drive and the SH-AWD will be offered with a wide range of engines, including four-and six gasoline pumps with capacity 177 and 271 horsepower and the amount of 2,4 and 3 , 5 liters, respectively.

The car will be the body with the sloping roof in the style of cars with body "coupe", and the general direction of design is scheduled to perform in the style of crossover Acura ZDX, presented at the end of July this year.

Honda Accord Crosstour appears on the U.S. market for sale this autumn. Prices for this car will begin from 25 thousand dollars.

2010 Honda Ridgeline Pickup

Honda Ridgeline pickup will issue a 2010 - a modernized version of 2006 Ridgeline - the first four-truck, which received five points for the crush tests.

Honda Ridgeline 2010 model year will be offered in two equipment - RT and RTS.
The car is able to tow a boat, boats, etc. up to 2250 kg. The machine built-equip towing, brake, radiator and so powerful.

Standard equipment includes Honda Ridgeline 2010 ABS, VSA, the airbag control system pressure in the tires, auto headlights, and active head restraints.

Honda Spirior - Chinese version of Accord

Honda launched the sports sedan Spirior at its Chinese factory Dongfeng Honda Automobile.

Spirior - this is the Chinese changed the European / Japanese version of the model Accord. For the Chinese market it will be equipped with only 2.4-liter i-VTEC engine in the 5 set. Dongfeng Honda plans to collect about 15 thousand of Spirior sedans per year, for sale only in the territory of China.

Honda introduced a new navigation system for Europe and Russia.

Honda Access Europe produces to the market a new navigation system for first-class SSD (Solid State Drive) for Europe and Russia.

The model takes an intermediate position between the entry-level Compact and maximum - HDD hard drive with an 8 GB.

The module is mounted in a slot on the center console, he also serves as the main audio device. SSD can display maps individual objects, for example, all the Honda dealerships in Europe and even beyond. The European version is automatically provides satellite maps for 33 countries. Pre-languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Danish. Russian version supports Russian and English with voice playback. The system has a slot for memory cards SD, USB-port and CD-player.

2011 Honda Odyssey

The latest spy photos of new gen Honda Odyssey.
New Odyssey can appear in the official dealers by the end of 2010, as a 2011 model. Honda Odyssey should get a new gasoline-engine V-6 with a reduced fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

2010 Honda Electric Bike

Honda Motor plans next year to release his first mass two-machine electric header.
Debut Honda with electric motor is expected in 2010. First of all, the machine will be presented directly to the Japanese market.
According to preliminary data, the motor vehicle to be actuated by means of lithium-ion batteries. Most likely, the supplier of energy sources for electric motorcycles (or electric scooters) Honda becomes known Japanese manufacturer of batteries, the company Yuasa.
As noted in the Honda, as the main target audience of new technology the company is considering in the first place are not private customers, and various service such as mail or the company to deliver pizzas.

Honda Insight Tuning by Exclusive Zeus

Honda Insight, one of the best-selling cars in the Japanese market, with the help of tuning-studio Exclusive Zeus can leave far behind its competitor Toyota Prius.

At the Honda Insight hybrid car tuners rarely pay attention, but in the studio Exclusive Zeus immediately saw the enormous potential of the model for his life.

For car tuners have developed a special aerodynamic false weight, giving Honda Insight more menacing appearance. In the studio Exclusive Zeus how to "pokoldovali 'suspension over the hybrid, as well as installed at the new car side" skirt ", front and rear" aprons "and the diffuser. Tuners completed its work on installing the new car the light alloy rims with Low rubber.

The cost of tuning package for the Honda Insight have not yet been reported.