2013 Honda Civic - first official sketch

Honda is presented a sketch of the new generation Civic 2012 model year. The premiere of the car in early 2012, the novelty will go on sale early 2013.

In the next "Civic", Honda will focus on reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel economy. This Honda engineers promise to improve the quality of parts of interior decoration, while not increasing the price of the model.

The company is currently testing a Honda has a prototype of a new generation of models. Tests are carried out in the previous body, but with a new platform - tested units. Representatives of the Japanese automaker noted that the new generation Honda Civic has been created in the image and likeness of the concept car CR-Z.

Under the hood of the next generation of models will show off the new 3-cylinder eco-friendly engines and hybrid power unit that combines a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with an electric unit. The total capacity of the hybrid engine will make 124 hp.

The exact date of the premiere of the new generation Honda Civic has not been revealed.

2011 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan

Honda is lifted the veil of mystery with its two new products, the sedan and coupe Accord 2011. Cars must obtain aerodynamic upgrade, greater cost and new options.

A new grille, inspired by the Accord Crosstour, new front and rear bumpers, new wheels and extended wheel arches, all of this we see on the new sedan and coupe.

The interior changes will affect the location of buttons control some systems, such as climate control, a control button which moved closer to a driver for simplicity and convenience, while the least used keys are located a little farther. Also, the steering wheel will be multifunctional, modify the interface of the dashboard, you rear view camera, the new navigator.

Accord will continue to be equipped with 2.4-liter engine capacity of 177 and 190 hp and a 3.5-liter V-6, issuing 271 hp, but the company said that the aerodynamic innovations, a revised gear ratio will save fuel. For the city fuel consumption is now estimated at 10.4 liters. per 100 km on the highway - 7.0 liters/100 km.

Honda Accord 2011 will receive a mechanical five-speed gearbox as standard and a five-speed automatic as an option, but for some machine will become a standard option, while a six-mechanics will be offered exclusively with the V-6 Coupe.

Updated versions of the Honda Accord sold in 2011 must start from mid-August this year.

Official debuted the all-new Honda Odyssey 2011

Honda is represented completely renovated Odyssey 2011 model year. Most popular minivan, according to official statistics, in the U.S. was much more aggressive look through the dynamic of the reliefs on the side doors and a unique broken line the bottom of the glass, which Honda engineers call "lightning." Her appointment is not only design: thanks to this decision, the passengers of the third row of seats have a much better view.

Compared with the previous generation the new Odyssey was slightly lower and wider, thus improving the aerodynamics of a minivan, and, consequently, reduce fuel consumption. Inside MPV appeared such are essential for family travel options, as connectors for high-definition video player and a system of separate use of the screen. In American showrooms will be the new Honda Odyssey in autumn 2010.

J.D. Power presented 2010 the most reliable cars rating

The economic crisis that had experienced automakers went to benefit the American Automotive industry. As shown by data released by the marketing company JD Power, owners of vehicles of American manufacturers reported fewer problems in the first 90 days use of their cars than owners of machines in many foreign brands.

According to a study by an average of 100 American cars for the first 90 days of operation had 108 failures, while at the same number of cars produced in the U.S. foreign brands - 109 breakdowns. U.S. auto giants Ford Motor, General Motors and Chrysler for the first time in the past 24 years have demonstrated impressive results in improving the quality of its products. The biggest success has made Ford: on average every 100 cars of this brand in the first three months of operation revealed 93 faults.

Below is a list of ten car brands that deliver the least problems to their owners. Specified number of breakdowns per 100 vehicles of any brand in the first three months of operation.

1. Porsche (83)
2. Acura (86)
3. Mercedes (87)
4. Lexus (1988)
5. Ford (93)
6. Honda (95)
7. Hyundai (102)
8. Lincoln (106)
9. Infiniti (107)
10. Volvo (109)

Audi Cars occupy 12 line reliability rating, Chevrolet - 1914, Nissan - 15, BMW - 1916, Mazda - 1919, Toyota - 1921, Volkswagen - 31. The worst performance demonstrates Land Rover. In cars of this brand for the first 90 days of operation there is an average of 170 failures per 100 vehicles.

Fifth Gen Honda Odyssey spied

Judging to this spy photos, the novelty is almost ready for serial production.
The debut of the new Honda Odyssey will be held before the end of this year.

Honda introduced a new petrol turbo engine

Motorsport division Honda Performance Development has developed a new turbo engine for LMP2 class cars.

New Honda powerplant is a 2.8-liter gasoline V-shaped "six", equipped with two turbochargers. Installation is based on the series motor, which is used in the models of Honda and Acura, and for the U.S. market (eg, Honda Accord and Acura ZDX).

This engine can be installed in almost any gear and will be sold to private teams, acting as the American Series Le Mans (ALMS).