Next gen Honda Civic 2012

Released the next generation Honda Civic is not yet known but the Japanese company has already lit up with a prototype of this model.

Despite rumors that the 2012 Honda Civic should be lighter and smaller compared with the current version, seen a prototype installed contrary to the wider tires, which at least suggests that the size of the next generation would be no less than the existing one.
According to rumors the new Honda Civic will use the new four-cylinder and turbocharged engines, with facilities, located in the range of 80 to 140 hp. Hybrid 1.3-liter version of the i-VTEC is also expected.

Honda has already announced that the new car will be more efficient than the current model, in terms of fuel consumption.
"We pay a lot of time with their new development, they include and the Honda Civic. To all the cars are presented with new demands, both in terms of security, both in terms of efficiency. We will achieve the goals" - the company says.

However, expect a formal presentation of the next-generation Honda Civic this year is not necessary, the most likely date can be called the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012.

Debut of next generation Honda Civic has been postponed

The Honda company was forced to postpone a market launch of a new generation Civic family until 2011. This is with reference to the vice president of the American Branch of the Honda John Mendel, reports It was planned that the new Civic will be on sale next fall.

The shift timing, according to representatives of Honda, by the necessity of some modifications of the car under changing market conditions and environmental requirements. 'We're not changing a market cycle of our models (five years - note Lenty.Ru) - said Mendel. We are changing a little car, if necessary. As previously stated operating officer of Honda Ttsuneo Tang, the new Civic will be the larger of its predecessor, but in general keep his style of design.

As experts note, Honda - not the first company, which because of the crisis had to revise the timetable for updating its own range. Previously, the company Toyota announced that the restyled Corolla model will be completed later than previously planned dates.

Honda, meanwhile, is not going to delay bringing to market other new models. In particular, the crossover CR-V, manufactured in 2006, will bring a generational change as previously planned - in 2011.

Honda Bodyweight Support Assist device [Photos, Video]

Japan Honda Motor, known not only for its automobiles and motorcycles, but also numerous developments in the segment of human mobility, recently introduced a device called "Bodyweight Support Assist device".
The device will be presented in the exhibition Why Design Now?, which is arranged every three years, and this time will be held from 1May 14, 2010. on January 9, 2011 at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution in New York.
The device was developed at the research Honda center to ease the burden on the user's feet walking up and down stairs, and if necessary a long time to be in position on bent legs.

Honda device reduces the load on the muscles and ligaments of the feet. He himself is an easy-to-use structure consisting of the seat frame and special shoes.