New Honda RA108 race car

Presentation RA108 race car and its new colour is also talking about environmental program "Earthdreams". The "Earthdreams" is a new stage of the commitments Honda company and its partners "Formula-1", which is to support good initiatives to protect the environment through a unique marketing initiatives.

Honda CBR600RR Special Edition

Honda has made and released for sale bike CBR600RR in Special Edition.
Honda CBR600RR Special Edition - replica race car RC212V Japanese pilots Shinya Nakano, in which he spoke last season for the team Konika Minolta Honda Team.
CBR600RR Special Edition will cost 1100000 yen (about 10,700 dollars) and will be sold only in the Japanese market.

2009 Honda Pilot SUV - Facelift

A week before the official debut of serial machines in the United States, photographers-spies filmed a series of updated 2009 Honda Pilot SUV on the outskirts of Detroit.

All technical information about the novelty will be issued only after April 15, when the official presentation will take place SUV. However, something that did know: some of the data were provided during the debut of a prototype model at the January autoshow in Detroit this year.

It is expected that the 2009 Honda Pilot receives type V6 engine with improved system management pomeremennym opening of the valves, which had been submitted to the new Accord. Also, apparently SUV third row of seats will be folded into 60/40 proportions, which should provide enough comfort in the cabin, even for large and high-men.

2009 Honda Accord Euro Sports

Just a month after the official presentation of the car Honda Accord Euro (Acura TSX), the company submitted a modified sports car. The sports received lattice radiator black spoiler, sports lining to the body sills, and new 18 - inch rims. Salon car also undergone some changes: seats, steering wheel and gearshift CPR obshili skin. An option is proposed satellite navigation system and USB port.

Honda Accord Euro Sports equipped by the same engines as standard: 2 - and 2.4 - litre petrol and 2.2 - litre diesel. The car has received 6 - staged mechanical transmission

Honda Fit - Auto Number One in Japan in 2007

Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA) circulated a report on car sales in Japan over the past year 2007.

According to the JADA sales leader in Japan in 2007, the car was Honda Fit. Total 148253 Japanese cars bought this brand. The second number is Toyota Corolla - 147374 car. As can be seen, the gap between the two cars is very small: 879 pieces.

Honda Fit is the second time in the history becomes the most sold cars in Japan on the basis of the year. The first time he was a leader in 2002

Best 2008 Hybrids

Hybrid rankings have often been simplistic: Most are little more than lists of the highest-mileage models on the market. Here, we ranked hybrids based on how much fuel savings they get when compared to their non-hybrid version, as well as how much all that saved gas is going to cost you. Examinations that compare hybrids to "comparably equipped" versions miss an important point.

Hybrids are almost always among the most expensive trim levels, if not the most costly, but our premise is that you're looking for efficiency first, followed closely by price. This isn't about acceleration, so the hybrids are compared to the lowest-priced, most-efficient gas-only trim level in their model line. Our rankings take into account the hybrid's mileage and price premium, in percent, as well as its suggested retail price. This gives less-expensive models a boost while penalizing more-expensive ones.

1: Toyota Prius

MSRP: $21,100
EPA-estimated mileage (city/highway, mpg): 48/45

After seven years on the market, the Prius is still the best hybrid for people who just plain want to burn less gas. It's arguably also the best for people who hope to save money in the long run. Built from scratch as a hybrid, it maximizes interior space and offers a roomy cargo hatch, whereas hybrid sedans tend to diminish trunk space and/or eliminate folding backseats. There is no gas-only version, but there doesn't have to be. It's both the most efficient and most affordable hybrid out there.

2: Saturn Vue Green Line

MSRP: $24,170
EPA-estimated mileage: 25/32

Dramatic mileage boosts get all the attention, but Saturn is onto something with this mild hybrid approach. The current Vue Green Line's premium over the lowest-priced gas-only version is modest — only 14 percent. All the same, its city and highway mileage increases are 32 and 23 percent, respectively. What's more, it's priced below the V-6 version, whose mileage it roughly doubles. The only drawback: The Vue is the only hybrid SUV not to offer all-wheel drive. (Note: A second Green Line with 2 Mode technology is coming late in 2008 as a 2009 model.)

3: Honda Civic Hybrid

MSRP: $22,600
EPA-estimated mileage: 40/45

Even though its cost premium over the base Civic is 51 percent, its city and highway mileage are 54 percent and 32 percent higher, respectively, than that already-efficient model, making the payoff quite high. It happens to be an excellent car, too.

4: Toyota Camry Hybrid

MSRP $25,200
EPA-estimated mileage: 33/34

Not everyone wants a small, less-refined car like the Prius, which makes the Camry Hybrid the one for the masses. Priced 36 percent higher than the base four-cylinder model, it gets 57 and 10 percent better gas mileage (city and highway), and even more dramatic improvements over the V-6 versions whose prices it rivals.

5: Lexus RX 400h

MSRP: $41,280
EPA-estimated mileage: 27/24

Though it's a luxury model, the RX 400h's price premium is a mere 10 percent over the gas-only RX 350. Combined with a 50 percent city mileage improvement and 4 percent highway bump, it's a compelling package overall. The RX is similar to the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, which has a lower overall price and 1 mpg higher highway mileage, but that model's higher price premium gives it a lower rank. With optional AWD, the RX 400h (26/24 mpg) is an even better deal, with mileage improvements of 53 percent and 9 percent compared to the all-wheel-drive RX 350.

6: Toyota Highlander Hybrid

MSRP: $33,700
EPA-estimated mileage: 27/25

The Highlander Hybrid comes only with AWD. The most efficient gas Highlander has FWD. In comparison, the Hybrid costs 23 percent more and delivers 50 percent better city mileage but only a 4 percent highway improvement. If you want AWD, however, the Hybrid costs only 17 percent more than the gas-only model and boasts 59 and 9 percent higher mileage in city and highway driving, respectively.

7: Ford Escape Hybrid

MSRP: $26,505
EPA-estimated mileage: 34/30

The Escape Hybrid's rank is a little surprising, given its impressive mileage, but it's hard to overcome the fact that it costs 40 percent more than the base, four-cylinder Escape. Because of this, its 55 percent city and 7 percent highway mileage improvement can't compensate. If you compare it to the thirstier V-6, however, this hybrid would be higher on the list.

8: Chevrolet Tahoe 2 Mode Hybrid

MSRP: $49,590
EPA-estimated mileage: 21/22

To people who say a full-size truck defeats the purpose of a hybrid, we say "nonsense." People who want or need a large SUV may have even better reason for cutting back on gas than the owner of an already-efficient car does. The Tahoe Hybrid gives up practically none of the original's capability, including towing, and gets a stunning 50 percent increase in city mileage and 16 percent bump on the highway. It comes in eighth not because of its size, but because of its added cost: 43 percent more than the lowest-priced gas-only Tahoe. In a rare twist, the cheapest Tahoe isn't the most efficient. The LT trim level gets higher mileage (it's an engine thing) but also a higher price. Here the price premium is less, at 35 percent, but the Hybrid's highway mileage is only 10 percent better than this version, rather than 16 percent.

9: Saturn Aura Green Line

MSRP: $22,140
EPA-estimated mileage: 24/32

Known as a mild hybrid, the Aura Green Line delivers modest mileage improvements over the four-cylinder Aura — 9 percent in the city and 7 percent on the highway — but its price premium is a mere 12 percent. (Note: Chevrolet will soon also market a mild hybrid version of its Malibu. Later on, 2 Mode hybrid versions of each are expected to join or replace them, adding efficiency and cost.)

10: Lexus GS 450h

MSRP: $54,900
EPA-estimated mileage: 22/25

Lexus' GS 450h sedan comes in last because its cost increase outweighs the gains it gets in mileage. The base GS is the GS 350, a relatively efficient and low-priced V-6 model. There's a 24 percent premium between it and the GS 450h, and what you get for it is a 16 percent city mileage improvement and a 7 percent decrease in highway driving. One could argue that the 450h is being shafted because Lexus offers such a high-mileage gas-only version. (When compared to the V-8-powered GS 460, the hybrid isn't very expensive and gets better mileage.) But our assumption is that you want a GS and don't want to pay a lot for efficiency. The 450h's gains over the V-8 460 certainly have worth, but only you can conclude how much. In this ranking, the GS hybrid looks like a lot of money for little gain.

Source: Autos Yahoo

All-new 2009 Honda Fit

The all-new 2009 Honda Fit, set to go on sale in the U.S. this fall, is making its U.S. debut at the New York International Auto Show, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., announced today. The Fit promises to further its leadership in the subcompact segment with top-of-class feature content, including an available Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™; improved interior functionality, including one-motion dive-down rear seats; enhanced sporty demeanor through improved suspension, steering and body rigidity; and high levels of standard safety equipment, including Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure.

"Critics and customers alike have voted the Fit among the best small vehicles on the road," said Dick Colliver, executive vice president of American Honda. "This new Fit raises the bar even further, taking what was already great about the Fit, making it even better and throwing in a healthy dose of refinement."

Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

Dimensionally compact on the outside, the interior provides surprisingly large passenger and class-leading cargo space to maximize comfort and utility. At the foundation is an improved rear Magic Seat®, now featuring one-motion dive-down functionality, which allows the rear seat to fold flat with the front seats in the rearmost slide position and without removing the rear head restraints. The seats offer multiple seating and cargo-carrying configurations (tall object mode, long object mode and utility mode) in addition to the standard five-passenger mode. Additionally, a new hidden storage bin under the driver's side rear seat provides a place to store small items.

Adding further refinement, Fit Sport offers an available factory-installed Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™ with Voice Recognition, featuring a 6.5-inch screen. All Fit Sport models feature a USB audio interface1 compatible with current generation iPods® and many USB storage devices.

"The goal is to provide entry-level vehicle customers with functionality and refinement that's a class above," said Colliver. "Buying a Fit is a choice, not a compromise."

Fun to Drive

The Fit features a new 1.5-literi-VTEC™ 4-cylinder engine connected to either a 5-speed manual transmission or an available 5-speed automatic transmission, which includes steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters on the Fit Sport. The new engine is designed to offer the best balance of fuel economy and power. Larger 15-inch and 16-inch (Fit Sport) wheels hint at enhancements to the Fit's suspension, steering and body rigidity, which are intended to produce sportier handling without sacrificing comfort.

Top-of-Class Standard Safety Equipment

The 2009 Fit adds Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure technology, available Vehicle Stability Assist ™ (VSA®) and active head restraints, to a top-of-class list of standard safety features. With Fit's adoption of ACE, more than 94 percent of Honda vehicles sold in the U.S. will include the innovative body structure. When introduced to the 2009 Fit, VSA will be available in the lineup of every model Honda sells in the United States. Dual-stage, dual-threshold front airbags, dual front-side airbags with passenger-side Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) and side-curtain airbags are standard equipment on all Fit models. All seating positions have three-point seat belts. Additionally, front and rear visibility is improved.

Standard active safety equipment includes an anti-lock braking system (ABS), with ventilated discs in the front and drums in the back, and electronic brake distribution (EBD).
More detailed information about the 2009 Honda Fit will be released closer to the vehicle launch in the fall.

Additional media information and high-resolution photography is available at

1USB audio interface is used for direct connection to, and control of a variety of digital audio players such as iPods(1) and other USB devices(2) that contain MP3, WMA, or AAC music files(3). (1) Fifth generation or later iPod, nano, iPod Classic, iTouch, or iPhone. (2) Some USB devices such as those with security software may not work. (3) Except for Digital Rights-protected files